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Tower, Telescopic, Offshore, and Boom Cranes. Your guide to Crane Insurance

Updated on January 28, 2010

Crane Insurance explained

Have you ever taken the elevator to the 60th floor on a really tall building to take in the landscape? During that view did you happen to see several Tower Cranes attached to various buildings in different stages of construction? This is not unlike any urban city in the U.S. where cranes are a vital part of the construction industry. In this article I will attempt to explain how Crane Insurance allows the construction market to function.

How do Telescopic, Boom, & Offshore Cranes work?

Cranes are generally used to lift steel and concrete sections to a particular spot. They are especially useful because they allow us to complete jobs in minutes which use to take many man hours. No Crane is created equally. All cranes have maximum loads which are used to compete there total lifting capacity.

It is of note that many companies that use Cranes do not actually own them. They are leased from crane companies with or without operators. (They either provide a certified worker are the company using the crane provides there own qualified employee) Cranes can be rented for a few days or even many months depending on the size and scope of the construction job in question. Before any crane contractor can commence work, they must obtain a operating permit for the state in which they plan to work. Cranes can be either driven or transported via a tractor - trailer. ( Telescopic Cranes can be driven) If I may deviate for just a minute, cranes on crawler treads are still considered mobile equipment, (which is a form of quasi auto coverage on the CGL policy) but the same does not apply to those cranes which are on wheels or road capable. For those who may not know, crawler treads are similar to the "movement devices" attached to tanks.

Crane Contractors interesting facts

One of the most popular cranes in existence today are Tower Cranes. They are a contractors choice of machinery because of there relatively diminutive size. Before work is to begin, crane operators are to come and inspect the job site. This is a rather important step. The crane collapse in New York could have been minimized had the inspector noticed a tear in one of the mechanical straps keeping the crane attached to the building. Typically these tests are performed prior to starting work.

Crane worker's typically receive there training from a variety of sources; vocational schools, on the job training, and military experience seem to be the norm. One must receive certification in most states prior to commencing any work. OSHA only recognizes the National Commission of Certification for Crane Operators for official licensing. (There are many different licensing bodies) In order to apply to the NCCCO you must have at least 1,000 hours of on the job training and be in prime physical health.

Potential for losses Insurance Companies consider when insuring Crane Operators

  • Being injured by falling debris which was lifted by said crane
  • Being hit by a swinging boom (a boom is the extended arm of the crane)
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls occurring on insureds premises
  • Cranes in some cases can be considered an attractive nuisance. (A kid who injuries themselves on the boom of a crane) 

Have you ever had any experience with Offshore Cranes?

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      7 years ago

      Tower crane is a high risk industry, so you are in that field, don't miss the insurance, safety guidelines and the safety practice. Make sure everything goes fine for the installation, climbing or even dismantling .


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