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Tracking The Maven Company

Updated on March 27, 2018
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Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


To be honest, I never heard of the Maven company until two days ago. When it was announced that Hubpages was bought for 32 million dollars by The Maven company, I started doing some research.

To be fully transparent, I also bought 5000 shares of MVEN stock on 1/8/2018.

- Jan. 2018

The Maven is a Media Company

The company seems fairly new. It shows there are only 19 employees at the moment. It is however listed in the OTC stock market under the symbol MVEN and has a per share value of $2.30 as of 1/8/2018.

Maven Alexa ranking as of 1/8/2018

Compared to HubPages Alexa...

According to Hype Stat


From the two chart about, you can see how Maven is on the rise while HubPages is on a decline projectory. The other point of interest is the Maven website. From a quick examination, it is not very sophisticated. It is also not up to standards as far as user interface design. This site is not very friendly or interactive. Compared to HubPages, it is lacking in many aspects. It would be good to know how many users are currently active on The Maven. Also, they do not have a contact or feedback section. There are much room for improvements.

As a long time hubber, I am hopeful of this change. The creation of niche sites was in line with the whole Maven concept. I see some compatibility of goals here. Perhaps, HubPages and Maven can work together and improve the overall structure to better deal with google and facebook dominance.


This article was started to track the progress of this new merger between The Maven and HubPages. From a quick overview, it appears to be a good fit. The idea of creating a niche site with its own experts or mavens is a good one. Let’s hope the idea catches on in the web community. It is not clear to me how Maven makes money at the present. If it is based strictly on ads, then how is it any different than HubPages?

I am curious going forward, how the payouts will change under this new management. Currently, it seems HubPages payout mainly based on user views of the articles. The higher the number of views, the more the payout.

I will append to this article as time marches on.

MVEN Stock Value

1/8/2018 - 2.30

1/9/2018 - 2.10

1/10/2018 - 2.17

1/11/2018 - 2.24

1/12/2018 - 2.19

1/16/2018 - 2.12

1/17/2018 - 2.11

1/18/2018 - 2.25

1/19/2018 - 2.00

1/22/2018 - 2.20

1/23/2018 - 2.49

1/24/2018 - 2.35

1/25/2018 - 2.35

1/26/2018 - 2.27

1/29/2018 - 2.37

1/30/2018 - 2.30


2/01/2018 - 2.20

2/02/2018 - 2.16

2/05/2018 - 2.10

2/07/2018 - 2.15

2/08/2018 - 2.20

2/23/2018 - 1.50 week

2/26/2018 - 1.45

3/12/2018 - 1.44

3/26/2018 - 1.33

The Maven Stock in the Past Three Months

Observation About MVEN Stock...

It has been about one month since I bought MVEN stock. From what I have experinced watching this company, the stock value fluctuates quite a bit percentage wise. The other thing is it is not traded too often, that is to say the volume is low. As such, it is hard to buy or sell at a given value because the buyer or seller is just too far apart. When the price close at the end of the day, it has very little correlation with what transpired during the trading session.

Just for example, on one day, I was able to place a sell order for $2.30. The stock started the day at $2.15 and closed at $2.20. During the trading day, it went up above $2.30 and my sell order was fullfilled. I made a good profit even though the stock price at the end did not reflect my gains.

© 2018 Jack Lee


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    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 2 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Just found out I have been temporarily banned from posting on forums... I am not sure what the violation is but I suspect, I posted “links” to my articles. I wish they would tell me instead of leaving me guessing.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 3 months ago

      Ii just heard about the sale today. I'm amazed they were able to sell HP, but what do I know. All I care about is the community of writers that I enjoy. I hope none of that changes.