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Traffic Generation: The Body and Soul of Digital Media Marketing

Updated on July 13, 2017

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of a company, brand, products or services through electronic media to optimise sale. In recent years, there has been an explosion in digital marketing due to increasing number of opening of social media channels as a result of advanced technology. These increased social media channels had created many options. The choice of social media channel to use for digital marketing, therefore, is largely dependent on marketer’s goals, target audience and market feasibility. Social media channel patronised by the target audience used to reach the audience in order to increase sale.

The new digital marketing trends provide for easy driving of traffic to a website. However, there is a ‘but’ clause. This ‘but’ clause is the strategy adopted by the marketer on how to keep and maintain generated traffic. This is important because audience retention is a very powerful way to get referrals. It works in a rather magical way with optimised sale. Once audience begins to refer to friends, family and other businesses, the marketing goal is over seventy percent achieved.

Online social media are ways of directing traffic to a website. For instance, setting up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn or U-tube provides a soft landing. A combination of platforms is, even more, better. It’s a great way to achieve sale goals. Social media accounts, however, isn’t enough. There have to be in-depth and engaging quality contents to boost interest. The quality of contents and their engagement potential keep audience participating in advertising company's website. To achieve this six principles of digital marketing are employed.

Now let’s shift our attention to these six principles.

1. Providing quality content backed-up with commitment and social zeal
Marketing generally requires great commitment and social zeal. Using digital marketing strategies to increase sales requires even greater commitments—from providing engaging contents to promoting those contents on social media platforms. Web contents can be shared on facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc, while U-tube and Instagram can be used to promote photos and videos.

People enjoy well-crafted, in-depth, rich, well crafted and educative contents. They like a friendly content promotion. To achieve this, social zeal plays a vital role. Social zeal, therefore, becomes an added advantage to quality contents. Of course, marketing goes beyond commitment—it requires loyalty, friendliness, people oriented personality and tolerance are a great part of the game. Once this first goal is achieved, traffic will be generated and will grow over time.

2. Promoting to the right audience or audience of choice
Generally, right content, commitment and social media zeal generate audiences. Are they the right audience? This is another big question that needs to be answered. But before contents are crafted, the intended audience needs to be defined. Audience definition is an important part of digital marketing. Audience definition helps in many ways. It helps to develop contents for the target audience, make a better choice of tools, digital media channel, and promotion strategy.

There are different approaches to audience definition--individual, general, group, a specific community or a sector of an organisation. Once the right audience definition is achieved, energy investment, direction and focusing are optimised; and targeting becomes easy.

There are two great benefits of having the right audience. The first is the audience participate actively in the community and forum on topics of interest thereby promoting advertisement and enhancing active engagement process. These result from having an audience who share a common interest or having people of opposing interest with a good orientation toward debates and arguments. Heat-up arguments most times tend to indulge people interest. They unknowingly become entangled in the intrigues and dynamics of the argument. They want to know how it ended, when and who won the argument. The social media promoter plays a safe, but, intriguing role in this with neutrality. This requires diplomacy.

The second is that the audience becomes powerful 'word of mouth' referral links which help in advertisement and sharing’. Imagine the feeling when a trusted friend, colleague or family member tells you about product, company or service, reassuringly of good services? You simply can’t resist the urge to trust that referred company or product. That their boosts confidence and decision to patronise.

3. Using advanced or right tools, equipment or software
Performance is optimised using the right tools, equipment or software, supported by the right skills. Building and promoting products on the digital platform requires equipment and tools. Everybody in the world is looking for efficiency, proficiency and advantage. We all want to be competitive, well-trained and have better equipment/tools to practice. This affords us competitive edge and exposures. The implication of this is that:

  • More up-to-date equipment gives us a competitive edge over our peers and competitors.
  • More exposure that people hope to get, will ultimately result in more patronage because it offers more skills, advantages, experience, expertise or opportunities.

Don’t forget this very first question people ask. “What equipment do you have and how much will I benefit?” Once the question is satisfactorily answered, you become a choicer “Go to” options. The right equipment, tools or software merged with adequate skill have potential to boost social media marketing and sale. Of course, to beat competitors you’ve to be the best. That requires up-to-date tools and equipment.

4. Adopting the right strategy, motivation or partnership
In driving traffic to a website; strategy, motivation and methods are hallmarks. The best strategy or motivation must employ honesty. Below are some proven strategies:

  • An active social media presence with a defined audience.
  • Provide audience with strong and engaging contents this can include live updating of events and activities (particularly photos and videos)
  • Organising contests, quiz and giveaway
  • Guest posting for blogs and websites (this sells out website and social media accounts)
  • Partnering with influencers in industry
  • Creating free on or offline courses and training. This is a great way to generate email list and subscribers for a website for direct sending of offers and services.

If you can make the audience feel at home. They simply make your platform their home. That’s one of the biggest secrets of social media marketing. You just let customers do the advertising by giving them social and defined right to 'own' the platform. You’ve to welcome ideas, contents, partnership and commit to partner's development. Be concern about their social and economic well-being.

5. Maintaining social relationship with the audience
Relationships are an important role in every business. Generating traffic to a website is one aspect of digital marketing. Keeping the traffic or developing a relationship with the audience is another vital aspect. Generating traffic without keeping the generated traffic is like pouring water in a basket. You keep pouring but you've nothing left inside. The key to keeping an audience is developing a relationship with subscribers, fans or customers.

  • Creating time to interact with fans or customers
  • Be friendly, engaging, inspiring and fun.

Don’t forget, all business role requires attention and commitment of project manager and every other person(s) involved. Digital marketing viz-a-visa driving traffic to a website is no different.

6. Craft a creative offer
While selling is the goal. It shouldn't be the first thing to pursue in digital marketing. Enjoyable services should be the target. While this is being pursued, you mustn't forget the goal is to the sale and that it's the reason why the platform ever exists. Crafting a creative offer aids sale in a fun, friendly and fondly way.

Now, when is an offer said to be creative? A sale offer is creative when it’s not the first services rendered by a marketer but the reason why first, second or third services existed in the first place. A creative offer gives customer options in which ‘the offer’ exists as one of those options. A creative offer renders services in stages and sale is needed to complete the service delivery process. The goal is to sell but the word ‘buy’ never existed in a creative offer. It’s disguised in the offer and customers had to be made hungry before the sale offer is made. It’s the final nail in the coffin.

It’s my hope this article will help in the quest for digital marketing and traffic generation.


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