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Traffic, Sales and Sellers at the Alternative Online Auction Site - The Numbers for Ebid

Updated on November 22, 2016

Selling On Ebid

Are you an enthusiastic seller on online auction and fixed-price sites, whether professional or strictly a hobbyist? If so then perhaps you are contemplating signing up with one of the ‘alternative’ sites that have mushroomed all around us in recent years. One of the foremost of these is, which you may have heard of. It is a UK-based site which also has dedicated sites for a number of countries including the U.S.

Buy On Ebid!

Creative Commons Licence  Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
Creative Commons Licence Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) | Source

What Is Seller+ Lifetime On Ebid?

If you’ve been investigating a little, then you will know that it has a rather enticing Seller+ Lifetime offer for potential sellers. This enables sellers, after payment of a single one-off lifetime fee, to make basic listings for items for free in perpetuity, paying only a 2% final value fee if including a thumbnail photo in search results, and zero if not including a thumbnail. That’s pretty damn cheap listings by anyone’s standards! But is it an accurate representation of the expenses associated with selling on the site? What are the facts, and should you give Ebid a shot?

$14.99 For Seller+ Lifetime On Ebid?

The fee for Seller+ Lifetime used to be a bargainous £49.99 in the UK. It has since risen to £74.99, which is still a reasonable amount in my opinion. (For the record, I have a Seller+ Lifetime membership which I got at the £49.99 price, and I made that money back in sales quite some while ago.) However, for just one day (today, 25th April 2010), it is available at an amazing special offer price of £14.99! If I were you I would grab it like hot chocolate chip cookies straight outta the oven. That’s my opinion!

Does this offer apply to U.S. sellers, at a phenomenal price of $14.99? You BET your BOOTS it does!

What Is Traffic Like On Ebid?

But say you miss the special offer, and you wonder whether it’s worth paying the full price, even for such a stupendous bargain as the Seller+ Lifetime Ebid membership. Is it really worth it? Would you, will you regret not going for it?

How is the traffic on Ebid? A lot of critics of as a competitor for Ebay say it simply doesn’t have the traffic required to deliver sales for its members. I think it’s quite fair to say that Ebid doesn’t have the amount of traffic that Ebay does. It’s a smaller, lesser-known (although not much younger) site, and it doesn’t have the kind of name brand recognition that its household name rival does. However, a different criticism sometimes levelled against Ebid, is that page views don’t convert well into purchases. Now, you can’t have it both ways! Which is it: no page views – or plenty of page views that just aren’t converting?

Personally, I can say that my level of page views seems to fluctuate wildly according to the specific item. That seems to make sense: if you have a desirable item then people are going to be searching for it, whether within the site or via a search engine. If it’s not a desirable item, then you could be waiting a while for views

Your Products Are Submitted To Google - Automatically!

That brings me to another point about the desirability of an Ebid Seller+ Lifetime membership. Where do you go, half the time, for information on where to find a product? If you’re anything like me, then your first port of call will be Google. Does Ebay get your products showing up in Google? The whisper on the street is that it doesn’t: apparently there was some kind of big hissy fit and handbags-at-dawn bitchfest between the two a while back, and the repercussions are still being felt.

Does get your products into the Google search results? I am happy to say that Ebid submits all properly formatted auctions to Google (for you: very little effort on your part is required.) The ‘properly formatted’ part of that sentence is crucial: there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order for an listing to qualify for Google submission. This includes having a Buy It Now option and not being listed as Run Until Sold. That’s not necessarily an exhaustive list of requirements for Google-submitted Ebid listings, folks: do your due diligence!

How About Sales On Ebid?

How about the all-important considerations for all online sellers – sales? Can Ebid deliver when it comes to actually selling your product or salvaged household items? Or would you have been better off donating to your local charity shop? Now if you listen to the Ebay cheerleaders on some forums and websites, you would think that no-one has ever sold a single item on Ebid. Maybe we’re all just deluded souls, or listing non-selling items for the fun of it!

I can say from personal experience, that I have sold quite a number of items on, and for considerably lower fees than I would have paid for selling the same items on Ebay. As noted, I have long since made back my £49.99 Ebid Seller+ Lifetime membership fee and then some. So yes, the sales do come, for me at least. If you take a look at the Ebid Meetup forums, you will find plenty of new (and not-so-new) members complaining about a lack of sales and seeking advice regarding what they are doing wrong. Alternatively, you will find quite a number of businesslike and busy sellers rejoicing in their success and daily sales.

So what’s the difference between the two? I suspect that up to a point, it is down to the actual lines of stock they specialize in. And beyond a certain point, depending on what suppliers, sources and avenues you have open to you, that might be beyond your control. But if you listen to the successful sellers, it seems there are still things you can do. These, according to the advice from the wise (and successful), include stocking and even over-stocking your shop for browsers, correctly formatting your auctions for Google submission (e.g. with a BIN, not run until sold etc.), emailing past customers at other sites and sending out Ebid flyers in parcels to customers from other sites. There’s a lot you can do to promote your own success, it seems.

I would never claim, based on my own case, that sales arrive in the same volume as on Ebay. But then, I make much less effort than many sellers who claim daily sales on Ebid – effectively, I have just thrown a lot of listings on the site and let them sink or swim. And the sales, though not overwhelming, have come. For very little financial investment, too – let’s not forget that. If I put more work into my Ebid membership, who knows what results I could reap?

Will you have company in your new membership of an alternative site like Is it cresting a rising wave? Check out threads on the Ebid Meet-up forums that are set up to welcome new members. They seem to have new posts every day, from elated new sellers eager to greet their new comrades.

Rising Listings On

If number of listings is an indicator of the success of a site, then passed an important milestone recently, passing the three million listings barrier. (And awarding a prize to the lister of the three millionth item, too!) There is some talk that the number of listings has fallen again due to ‘pruning’ by the Ebid administrators of listings that do not conform to the site’s rules. (Ebid do not allow duplicate listings.) However, this improves the overall quality of the site. And three million is still pretty darn impressive!

So, is Ebid an up and coming site? Is it worth jumping on the moving bus and seeing where it takes you? Certainly, free listing means the site is boosting its listing numbers all the time. Some might say that sell through rate is what counts, that lots of stock and few sales isn’t what they’re looking for, that free listing is actually a drawback that allows the site to get swamped by dross listings and actually makes it harder to get sales.

Whatever, schmatever. All I know is that I make sales with very little effort and little tweaking of my listings, and I pay pennies – literally – on the pound to do so. You ask me? Ebid’s the place to be.


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    • profile image

      chicky365 4 years ago

      ebid is a good site but it still seems very confusng for the first time customer. At the aim is to keep it simple so that simplicity rules. There is a way to go building the site but we listen to customers and have clean and simple pages so navigation around the listings is easy and our unique reducing price auction avoid a lot of the traditional auction pitfalls such as shill bidding and last minute sniping.

    • profile image

      r smith 5 years ago

    • profile image

      r smith 5 years ago