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Traffic teasers, How to market and attract more traffic

Updated on February 12, 2016

Make money in simple steps

Creating an email list or newsletter

Creating your own online conference around the website

Offer a download or dvd programme or format

Offer information services where people provide a useful resource on how to access certain community contacts

Offer information on how to access funds, and be accepted for grants and programme schemes

Offer tips on how to do a business plan in a format which will guarantee you get funding

Sell blog memorabilia, such as mugs cup,s stress balls,

Get your local community and network excited and talking about your blog

Invite friends over to decide how they can provide a guest blogging platform

Offer competitions and prizes,

Offer a raffle or a lottery and people pay to get tickets, they could win a hundred pounds or something

Text information about your blog and website to your list of contacts,

Use a video platform

Market and promote your blog on websites and online platforms

Send e cards to people thanking them for joining your blog.


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