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Training Cleaning Team- On Going Training

Updated on November 3, 2010

Cleaning Team- On Going Training

Ongoing training


As your company grows with new hires and even ones that have been with you for awhile, you need to provide ongoing training for your team.

It is necessary to provide ongoing training as reminders as well as demonstrating new cleaning techniques, etc.

In many cases, as a team member gets used to their area of work, they tend to get lazy and want to finish their work a little faster and neglect proper cleaning techniques. That is when the problem starts. They will cut corners too much in doing detail cleaning work and soon your customers will notice this and complain.

This also happens with many cleaning persons. After a while he/she has certain ways of doing certain types of cleaning. This becomes a habit of doing the same routine, and this is not the way they were trained. You need to retrain them to learn new techniques and implement them. 

Sometimes, they even forget how to treat your customer properly or have problems working with fellow employees.

For these and other reasons is why you need to provide ongoing training for your people.


There are some very successful cleaning companies out there and notice why they are very successful. Basic reasons are:

Take care your customers.

Exceptional customer service.

Excellent team work.

Take care employees.

Exceptional communications with

customers, management within your company and down the line to new hires.

All these cannot take place without ongoing training.

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