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Training Front Desk Staff in a Beauty Salon

Updated on July 11, 2013

Front desk staff is face of your business

In a beauty salon, the front desk staff plays an important role in influencing your customers because they are the face of your business. If they are not provided with adequate training, they may get nervous while dealing with customers and this may compromise your salon's image.

Every time a new customer is well received by your front desk staff and made to feel that you're glad they're here, you increase your chances of strengthening your brand in their mind. Therefore training your salon staff is critical, especially the ones who perform their duties in the reception area of a beauty salon.

Some common mistakes

Lot of salon owners think that front desk staff is a business overhead because unlike hairdressers they don't perform any specific service that the client pays for. Surely, this outlook needs to change but more importantly, you need to ensure your staff doesn't make these common front desk mistakes, such as:

  • being absent from the front desk during your working hours
  • doing personal work
  • not acknowledging clients when they arrive/leave your salon
  • being non-responsive to client queries
  • being rude while talking on phone

How to train front desk salon staff

The benefits of having a well trained front desk staff in your salon cannot be measured quantitatively. Serving the needs of the clients, booking appointments over telephone, maintaining a good rapport with other salon staff and handling crisis situations confidently are some of the qualities that should be present in any professional who aspires to work either as a receptionist or in the front desk of a beauty salon.

In this video, Rocky Vitelli along with his salon coordinator explain how to train the front desk salon staff in an appropriate manner so that they can serve your customers better and boost your salon business dramatically.


Front desk employees are the first that your clients encounter upon entry into your beauty salon, so it is absolutely critical that they present the best positive image possible. To do that, they should be adequately trained in business communication, customer service, and internal advertising. By training your front desk salon staff appropriately, you can definitely boost your business.


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