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Training stipend /programs and SSI

Updated on January 16, 2013

Training Program and SSI

I am a elderly senior who was dealing with so many issues in my life that I developed chronic illness and couldn't work. I was told by my doctor to find something to do because i was slipping away from life with no purpose at all. When i join the national Urban League meeting new people and being place in a site made me feel good about my self. At the time I thought it was perfect for me, because I was meeting new people with the same problem I had. This was one of the worst mistakes I made, by excepting a stipend from the National Urban League of Boston.200 beautiful seniors of all nationality was placed in neighboring sites throughout the Boston area, training 20 hours a week, making $8.00 and hour.The happiness on the faces of the seniors was very fulfilling.Being worried about my benefits most of us went to the director, questing her about the program, you are not working I have a letter stating that you are in training. The letter said the senior community Serves Employment Program is a US department of Labor sponsored internship program, under the older Americans Act, title V, for person 55 and older and whose incomes are below125% of the poverty level, as determined by the US Office of management and budget.Stipends received under this program is not considered, by law under the department of housing and Urban Dev elopement's Federal Regulation on income/Eligibility Determine for section 8 housing programs. Income earned under this act shall and will not be considered and income. After months of receiving these letters the social security decided that we was not in training, they said we was holding down a job.Letters was send stated that we had been over paid because of the stipend given to us.. Most of the elderly who are on social Security is now going threw problems because we was misinformed about the intention of the letters was given to us by the director of the National urban League. This program have made my life a living hell, Most of the times I am getting letters from the Social office telling me that I was over paid by excepting a stipend . I am depress because the little money I am getting the social security Office wants me to pay them back, leaving practically nothing to live off of.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 5 years ago from Boston MA

      Being seniors are the back bone of America, and need to be respected and taken care of with pride and dignity.