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Traits of Sucessful Work At Home Moms

Updated on March 1, 2013

How you can be one

It is not a myth it is now possible for a mom to work and earn from home. With the advancement of technology is is more possible for moms to work from home.

You now no longer need to quit your office bound job and worry about not having enough money to provide food for your family. There are many opportunities available nowadays for women who opt to work while staying at home to look after the kids.

You can be a virtual assistant, do freelance work or even start your own business while not missing out on the first few years of your child.

Wouldn't it be just "perfect" to be able to spend time with your children and earn at the same time?

I'm doing that !!

Since being home with my 3rd child I have expended on my portfolio and became a freelance writer and blogging mentor. I have been taking on corporate clients and working on various marketing campaigns.

How to be a sucessful Work-At-Home-Mom

Success is not served on a silver platter. It is earned and requires hard work. To be a successful mompreneur one must have a game plan and long term goals.

  • A positive mindset
  • A business plan
  • A daily/weekly schedule

Me and my little girl
Me and my little girl

How to have a Positive Mindset

Having the right frame of mind is essential if you want to succeed. As a work at home mom you may face negativity from friends and relatives. Many of them may question your decision to work for home with skeptical questions like the following.

- " You sure that you can earn money by doing this?"

- " When do you intend to go back and get a REAL job?"

- "Stop wasting time doing such work. It can't be the income you get by working full time!!"

If you are easily dissuaded by negativity it will be difficult for you be a successful WAHM. You need to surround yourself with supportive and like minded individuals. They will help to boost your confidence and provide you with the mastermind support which you need.By believing and reaffirming your decision to being a Work-At-Home-Mom your have won half the battle.

I have a group of mummy bloggers which are really supportive. We brainstorm together and share our resources. By having a group of people who you can count on it really helps motivate you to keep on going as a WAHM.

Developing a Business Plan

It is important to have both a long term and short term goals for your business. To set goals would mean that you have sometime to aim for and look forward to.

Here is an example of some goals which you can set.

Short term business goals

  • getting your website up and running
  • getting traffic and sales of your product
  • recovering the intial cost of setting up a website.

Long term business goals

  • to earn at least $5K/mth through your online business
  • to be able to pay off debts
  • to own your own house.

You would need to revise your goals reguarly to see if you are on task or there is need to realign goals to the current economic conditions.

Setting yourself up for success

Take baby steps. It does take time to build up your reputation and get clients online. It will not happen overnight. Set the ground work and slowly build up your community. You will certainly succeed once you have a steady base.


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