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TransPerfect Employees Dogged with Unconstitutional Threats

Updated on May 26, 2016

This TransPerfect Case Just Gets More Tangled

I have written several times about the TransPerfect Global fiasco; the one where Delaware’s Chief Chancellor Andre Bouchard ordered the sale of this very profitable company. A decision that will most likely result in the loss of jobs and even destabilization of the entire company.

Here you have an American success story, and a Delaware Judge who has overstepped his authority by making an arbitrary and capricious decision, which is resulting in an un-American situation. This decision is not only bad for Delaware, but bad for America.

What is even more interesting and disconcerting, the temporary custodian of the company appointed by Chancellor Bouchard has now decided to apparently inhibit/prevent employees of TransPerfect from exercising their First Amendment rights. Apparently, 600 employees of TransPerfect are openly speaking out about the Court’s decision and the happenings within the company.

Please read the memo below that was sent to the Management Team of TransPerfect requiring spin to be propagated to employees and threatening disciplinary action including job termination. I was copied with this threatening memo by my internal source.

Custodian: TransPerfect is Doing Very Well

Custodian says TransPerfect is doing well.  If so, why is Bouchard looking to auction the firm?
Custodian says TransPerfect is doing well. If so, why is Bouchard looking to auction the firm? | Source

Robert Pincus to TransPerfect Staff

To the Management Team:

TransPerfect is performing exceptionally well and growing quickly, thanks to your hard work. We are committed to keeping it that way, and our highest priority is supporting you and the continued success of the business.

It has come to our attention that some of our employees have recently spoken with the media about the pending litigation between the shareholders of TransPerfect, and in some instances seemingly have sought to attempt to pressure the Delaware court. We believe that those actions are counterproductive and that they should stop.

If you receive a call from a reporter or member of the media, our Company policy is now that you must refer that person to Joel Mostrom, who will respond directly or designate another spokesperson. We want to remind you, and we ask you to remind your colleagues, that: this policy covers all forms of responses to the media, including, without limitation, off-the-record and anonymous statements.

Any deviation from this policy may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Your strict adherence to this policy is expected, as well as appreciated by management and your colleagues. [TransPerfect Employee Handbook] The purpose of this policy is to avoid media and other actions that may negatively impact TransPerfect’s business. Please be mindful of the policy and its importance going forward. We ask each of you as our key managers and leaders to continue to focus on your responsibilities and serving the needs of our clients. All of our efforts should be aligned in that direction. To the extent that your colleagues have questions regarding the litigation, we have included the attached FAQs. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees

  1. Is the Company definitely being sold and, if yes, when?
    1. The Delaware Court of Chancery ruled that the Company should be sold, and the Court is expected to make a determination about a sales process in the near future; however, the Court’s decisions will be subject to appeal, so there are no definitive answers to these questions at this time.
  2. I heard that the Company could potentially be “dissolved”—is that true?
    1. No—at least not in the conventional sense. While the Company’s ownership structure may change, the Company is expected to continue with business as usual. That is the best path to future value creation, and the Court has clearly indicated its intentions along those lines.
  3. Is any of this likely to impact the Company’s day-to-day business?
    1. No! A third director has been appointed by the Delaware Court of Chancery to help resolve any disagreements between the Company’s shareholders and to facilitate the continuation of TPG’s strong growth and success. A final resolution of the dispute between the shareholders will only help the Company. In the meantime, it is important that we all remain focused on serving the needs of our customers.

There you have it folks, your comments are welcome.

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

Should Chancellor Bouchard Mandate a Sale of TransPerfect or Allow Parties to Settle?

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Elting and Shawe Both Made Offers

Shawe Offered $300M and Elting said she would Pay Shawe More
Shawe Offered $300M and Elting said she would Pay Shawe More | Source


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    • profile image

      Kathy P 

      3 years ago

      In the TransPerfect case: The court-ordered dissolution and sale of a private, profitable company is the culmination of a series of unprecedented rulings in Elting's favor by Chief Chancellor Andre Bouchard. The rulings were all at the request of Elting's attorney Kevin Shannon, who also happens to be Bouchard's personal friend. These unprecedented decisions, combined with Bouchard turning a blind-eye to obvious fraud by the Elting team (see link below), raise questions too large to ignore about what is really going on here.


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