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Trending Promotional Merchandise Of 2013

Updated on May 9, 2013

Using promotional products to represent your business at conferences, events, fairs and even local gatherings is a great way to gain exposure while building your brand in any industry. Some of the trending promotional products of 2013 are ideal for all businesses, regardless of the products, services or content you want to share with your audience. Having promotional products on you at all times will help you to gain the exposure you need to generate sales and gain a loyal following of customers and clients.

Eco-Friendly Items

Eco-friendly items such as biodegradable tote bags and items that can be recycled are some of the most in-demand and trending promotional items available today. By having "green" promotional items, your business is more likely to appeal to other professionals and companies that are also conscious of the materials they use and how they appear to other potential clients and customers. When you offer green promotional items, you may have more opportunities of business deals and partnership offers.

Classic Pens and Writing Utensils

Providing customised writing utensils including pens and pencils is always trending and in-demand for any type of business. Because pens and pencils are useful during everyday work and tasks, your promotional items are more likely to get used while promoting your brand to everyone around.

Water Bottles

Customising water bottles is ideal if you are visiting a summer conference or an event that is experiencing warmer weather. Although water bottles are useful all-year round, they are even more in-demand during spring and summer months are people begin to spend their time outdoors and exercising. Having custom water bottles appear within gyms and in local parks is a great way to ensure you are getting even more exposure for your business.

Lip Balm

Having custom lip balm created as a promotional items is ideal when you are promoting your business during the fall or winter months, especially when individuals experience dry and chapped lips regularly. Lip balm is a necessity for many people, which allows the balm to come in handy while staying in their pockets and purses at all times.

Custom iPhone Covers

Create custom iPhone covers that help to protect individuals' iPhones from breaking if they drop them, sharing your company logo or a message you want to convey. Because of the increase in iPhone and Android phone sales, giving away customized covers is an ideal way to share your business name.


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