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"Triond" Fake or Real

Updated on June 19, 2013
Triond Fake or real
Triond Fake or real
Money eater
Money eater

Triond for me is fake. Read it more to know why?

First, understand the concept of business. It has no real values, no emotions and no caring. The main motto of every business is profit and that’s why they want more and more public participation to increase their business. On the other hand there are some businesses that use false methods or do spamming to promote their business. They allow people to participate in the first crop and let them cultivate it. It goes on for the second crop, third crop and so on. But when there is a bump in the profit they started spamming. Those who invested a lot of money in that business only get 10% or 20% back from their investment (Still 80% in loss).

Hope you understood that fact. I am a member of “Triond” since December 2009, I wasn’t serious about writing articles for Triond because I was getting more views and earning from “Associatedcontent”. I got my first payment from Associatedcontent but unfortunately the site was banned for outsiders (Only US people can post). Later I joined Hubpages and currently finding it a great source of earning. Meanwhile I wrote some articles on Triond but it was same as before. Triond wasn’t paying me enough for my work. I thought it was because of my lack of interest on Triond and lower number of articles and views. Now I am in a position of getting more than 1000 views a month and now my earning reached $0.03. Great isn’t it? For 1000 views I am getting a $0.03 Wow! Triond allow you to integrate your account with the Google Ad-sense. I did that and after not receiving any revenue through Google Ad-sense, I checked my posts. There were no sign of Google ads on my posts or on my articles. There is no fault of Google that he is not paying me anything because there are no Google ads on my articles. I trying contacting Triond but there wasn’t any good responsive from their side. I start 3 threads (not in continuity) on the same topic and finally I received Nathan (Triond member) response saying posting multiple threads about the same topic is spamming. He didn’t solve any of my problems related to earning issue but came in front of me to say I am a spammer.

Hope you will find some user’s comments better to decide about Triond. Here are some of the user’s issue. These threads are posted on getsatifaction account.

How does 9000 views in one day equate to less than a dollar? I had over 9000 views on all my articles just on October 18th. This added up to less than a dollar for that amount. Seriously, Triond are you going bust or are you just putting your hand in our pockets again? “


“This is getting real bad now. I had over 3000 views on the 17th too and I got 64 cents! All I can say is Wow! Looks like it’s time to publish elsewhere”.

-Mike Mitchell

“A response would be appreciated and that simple explanation would at least restore our faith in this site! Please, answer our questions and set us straight about our concerns!”


“I have a new record, +5K views and only $0.13 earning!”


“Nathan you DO NOT address the problems though do you? Look at all the above? Not ONE ANSWER. Not one hint of help. All you are instructed to say is, "Please let us know your Triond username" OR "Is this problem still persisting?"

Get real. Yes the problems CONTINUE! Low pay. Unanswered questions - blatantly ignored because those that hides something usually stay silent - missing payments, poor quality articles etc. “

-The Truth

These comments show us how much faith is left on Triond. For me Triond is “Not Real”. I am not saying it’s fake, it’s genuine he will pay you when you reach at minimum pay-out. They will pay you through adsense, but you will be bored, exhausted and angry by the way they work. There are number of users, unsatisfied and angry.


Triond is fake (not real), because they are not paying us enough for ours affords. They are not giving us enough shares and there feedback is the worst. You can’t contact them, if you do they won't answer you, if they answer you, you don’t get what you asked.


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    • kuckoo profile image

      Your Lover 4 years ago from Your Heart

      it's good to know that you aren't hubbing for money. but it's always good to get a little extra. i am trying to earn that little extra but so far no luck. Triond was good in past, you can read many success stories of Triond users, but at present it's getting wrost day by day. Those threads i mentioned was started back in 2012 and now it's 2013, still unanswered threads.

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 4 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      IT sounds like I can learn from you and stay away form Triond. Well done up and USEFUL. I really nevfer had any intention of making money at HUBS either. I "earn" about a dollar a month ...and have yet to see anything end up in my bank acount.