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Trip To Bali Day 1

Updated on August 22, 2016

So we took off from London on 18th August at 9.25 am on a long haul flight to Singapore, on our way to Bali. Wow, has the journey been an experience in itself. Turned into a Bleary Eyed Zombie by the time I hit the Shanghai Airport. Just find it very difficult to switch off while travelling, with all my senses acting like spinning radars. The flight was good though. Never been on Singapore Air, Have to say that the hospitality was on the point. However, had never done a long haul of more then 13 hours and now I understand travel sickness..haha

A great learning point on the plane occurred when I got to read a quarter of Matt Lloyd’s book Limitless. Matt’s a natural author and you can see this guy having a number of best sellers. Matt spoke about his story and in the first quarter of the book, gave a great message on how to target your best buying audience. Matt gives his advice from the view point that a person looking to make money online isn’t the red hot prospect ready to pounce on your sales pitch. A red hot prospect is one that has gone through the thought filtering process of knowing what is it at the very foundation they’d want to start learning with. So make money online vs. Clickbank affiliate marketing training. When the second of the 2 key words is entered, the buyer is ready to pass their money over to the seller as the sale is pretty much closed by that point. Hence, getting target audience from such a key word will ensure that , even if “clicks” or traffic volume is low but conversion is high. So targeting audience at end of the buying spectrum where they are desperate for a solution, instead of just aware of requiring one will bear the best results.

Another great point Matt spoke about in the passage of book, I’ve read so far, is that marketers need to understand their target audience. Think from the mind of the traffic that they will drive to the product being offered. This way targeting will bear better results through higher conversions. A lot of time marketers get lost in pitching the product to themselves instead of what their buyers are looking for and we all need to be conscious of that.

Carrying on with our trip, we got to Depansar Bali around 11 am local time after being boxed out of our brains with the swinging plane landing and sleep deprivation. Thankfully getting to the resort from the airport was a painless affair due to the smooth tour services operator. Now, just itching to get learning and earning from tomorrow….


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