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Trip To Bali Day 2

Updated on August 22, 2016

We started the day with a massive lay-in. have to say, enjoyed every minute of getting our sense back to earth after being in the clouds for the last couple of days. We then got ourselves down to the main hall to register for the Gigantic mastermind of learning and developing that is about to take place. When I mean Big, It’s BIG. Most days geared to 13 hours. So looking forward to sharing a lot of learning wroth $60,000 in money. YES, we paid that to be here. So You best know that you’re going to get a Lot Of Value out of following.

So lessons from today coming from our conversations around the registration table firstly were to always protect your leads. Your business is your business. You need to ensure your in full control and monitoring daily, things like target audience, conversions, quality of email follow ups and the incomings and outgoings of the business.

After the registration, I was dying to get some training done. Off we went to try out the Resort gym, which had a wonderful panoramic view of the tropical pools around and enough equipment to burn relieve that training itch. Afterwards, we went to catch some steam and sauna to relax.

The evening meal was an amazing experience. So many dishes that I would find it impossible to memorize the names after several attempts and a great variety of tropical deserts to top it off. All accompanied by Balinese dancers and fire breathing ladies. If you’re a man then don’t upset them or I reckon you should know what is going to get burnt off!!

All jokes side, the take away from the dinner table was to be original in your marketing and don’t try to be perfect. Don’t sell yourself as a faultless guru because people want to see a humanized process and connect to fellow human being. So when the though of making a video for your funnels comes into mind just do it and don’t think perfection is necessary. As you may know already, Perfection relates to poverty.

Here is some value from Matt’s awesome book Limitless. Do not get caught up in trying to find the best traffic method for conversion on your product. There is none. You just need to match your product to the right audience and at the right price. Whether it’s banner ads or Facebook Ads. Lastly, get good at getting Targeted traffic vs. Non-Targeted Traffic. Because as Matt puts it, Targeted traffic is made up of people who think often about the problem your product solves, or the benefits it delivers.

Till next time…


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