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Trip To Bali Day 3

Updated on August 22, 2016

WOW… what a day of learning. One would really learn a thing or two about success and work ethic required to achieve it. Just sense it from what we got to cover through this knowledge filled day.

We started off leaving the bed at 7.45 pm for breakfast. Pretty refreshed and rearing to go after recovering from our journey down to Bali. Number of dishes on offer were just enough for me to wonder what I could think of that I couldn’t find at the breakfast and just couldn't think of it. Everything was fresh and pure, unadulterated goodness for the body. After the nutritious food we took on the morning session and the rest of the day with our presenter Norbert Orlewicz. This guy is a renowned Online Marketer who was came from humble beginnings. I wonder how most of the super successful individuals just took bold action out of adversity to turn their life around. Norbert here was under $100,000 debt, when he decided to take the last $10,000 available to him to go for this product which would pay him 50% commissions to finally turn the tide around in his favour. Later in the year of 2008, Norbert started a paid membership site with less then a $1000, which turned revenue of $2.2 million in it’s first year. The rest is history..

So, coming to the teaching and valuable knowledge to share with you guys. Going to give you the test that we were asked to take in the class. Only answer five things to know if your business will make you a success story or give episodes of frustration. Here Goes:

Do you have a plan for next 6 to 12 months for your business

Do you share content atleast 2 to 3 times a week with your audience

Do you acquire 10+ leads minimum for your email list

Do you achieve 5+ sales per week on your front end offer

Do you have a tiered product mix with a variety of products

If the answer to each of the question is YES then give yourselves one mark. If the answer is NO then give yourself a zero. If you got a perfect five on honest reflection then you should be very confident that you have a wining business model and chances are you already know that. If any of the answers are No then that area of your business needs to be addressed to make it a yes.

The conclusion Simplify your business. So I can hear you saying to me “Go On, what other stuff can you put simply?

Right, my answer is do you know the five core elements of an online business? Do you ensure all 5 elements are given equal consideration. These are:

  1. Do you have gripping Content?
  2. Do you continuously work on lead generation and never stop filling the pipeline
  3. Do you have an effective follow up process. Remember, money is in the follow up
  4. Do you monetize your connection with your prospects, whether it’s by time or product offering?
  5. Do you have a constant flow of traffic to your website?

You got to also remember that your funnels have to cater for the audience base your looking to acquire. For a broad audience you would have a low ticket offer. On the other hand, for a arrow audience that is product and solution aware you should have a deep funnel with back end products.

At this point, I’m going to call it a day and ask you to get in touch from the links below and tell me what kind of help can you do with to get going on your online business venture. Do you have any frustration or pain relating to creating a second income in your spare time. Or simply wish to live a lifestyle of time and location freedom. Whatever it is Get In Touch!

Let’s see what I can bring of value to you tomorrow


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