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Trip To Bali Day 4

Updated on August 23, 2016

After hitting the learning intensity on day 3, we knew we were in for a great ride of knowledge and with what I have to share with you, I am sure you will feel enlightened.

We started off discussing Content Marketing, with the master Norbert Orlewicz. One of the best craft to attain in this industry is to keep your audience engaged. Try to focus in the interests, pains and challenges of your audience and serve them with providing value in those. Identify issue and giving possible solution through different mediums such as blogging, podcasts, live events, social media etc.

The process of building an audience will require-marketing, which can be done through inexpensive cookie use to re-track the visitors to your content. Now I don’t mean the cookies making your mouth water. These are the ones that can be attached to a visitors browser automatically when they visit your content. Now they’ll see your product wherever they are on the net, surfing. Online corporations are literally making millions using this method.

The advice on content is to keep it focused on your target audience. Generalized content will only be so effective and take you so far. Put some thought into creating tailor made content and it’ll ensure an engaged audience that will warm up to you. Whether you choose the Personality, story, value/educational or saes & promotional content.

Let me give you 8 types of content to make life even more easier:

  1. Round up Post – Top 10 Top 100
  2. Over the top value Resource Post
  3. Deeply personal “soul barring” post
  4. Educational problem solving or how to post
  5. Controversial post -
  6. Review posts – products, software, courses, etc
  7. Video posts / Interview posts
  8. Blog series

Never worry about running out of content. You can research like minded bloggers or marketers to take inspiration and ideas or search popular content on the web. You can always look to recycle your content over time to re-iterate or improve on a message delivered earlier.

Right time for bed to get ready for tomorrow with a fresh mindset…


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