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Trip To Bali Day 5

Updated on August 24, 2016

OK.. So today started with a long chat with the team to get the completely configure mindset for bigger and better things. Guess what, this occurred at the crack of dawn for 2 hours. I’d argue that this IPA too. Because if the mindset isn’t right, the indirect effect will be diminishing income and nobody wants that. So address this on the first sight of alarm.

The training day started with us taken through Video Marketing in Great Depth. This included looking into the core concept of video, importance and strategy of using relevant words to target the right audience, when using Google Adwords for Youtube advertising.

Here are a few tips for you when using relevant key words:

Look for keywords that have been utilised less then 500 time/month by your audience when searching a relevant interest. There should be 5000 or less exact matches on Youtube for the keywords you’re looking to use. Moreover, there should be 100,000 or less exact matches coming up on Google for the keyword you’re looking to use.

Every video should start with a hook or introduction to the topic being discussed. This introduction should be concise and strong. You should also always be aware of what is it in for them. The marketing strategy should stay the same for all videos: Introduce a problem; give a solution; have a call to action; Outro (summing up video with call to action). Throwing in a bit of controversy after identify the problem always helps to raise curiosity and engage your audience as well.

Here are insider hacks for Youtube video setup

Say the key word in the first and last 10 second of the videoRename the file with your chosen keywords phrase before you upload it optimise Your Youtube video title by using the keywords optimise the description. First two sentences of your description are most important. Use your keyword phrase in the first sentence and have a call to action with your website URL.
Remember, Here you get the insider info. Blog to you tomorrow..

Get In Touch through my website below and tell me what is your biggest pain. We can work success out for you!


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