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Trip To Bali Day 6

Updated on August 24, 2016

Today was fantastic here at Bali Mastermind. Two great rock stars of online industry got on to the stage and gave us abundance in knowledge. First off, it was the 9 Figure Earner Online Marketer, Matt Lloyd whose mastermind we were here to attend. That means the man has made over $100 million dollars in earning in this business. BTW, You can go here to trial the very same system for Free.

I have shared my results with you through this system, which has delivered $57,268 within 3 months of its implementation. I know you’ll agree that is an awesome result for starting up and getting rewarded for executing a system.

Back to Bali’s knowledge fest we basked in today. Matt’s big tip was that Email Marketing is the king of follow up. Remember the 3 stages of online marketing that sum up the entire industry! Engage with your audience; Build your audience; Engage with your audience; Sell to that audience! Keeping that in mind, email follow up is the best way to build a relationship with that audience. Another tip was to not try and please everyone and to have a definitive opinion on a subject. This may have people unsubscribe to your list. However, that will just make for a more hygienic, responsive and profitable list.

Then we had the master of solo ads, Shaqir Husseyin sharing his wealth of knowledge on closing deals through email marketing. Anyone on Shaqir’s list knows how much he loves to email and Shaqir doesn’t hide his love for emailing! BTW here is another guy who cleared over $3 million dollars with this proven high ticket sales system in just over 2 years.

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Shaqir Big 3 tips for email marketing to remember:

Always focus on giving value

Address the frustrations and pain of your audience

Share the Offer

So get yourself going on the path to attaining a true laptop lifestyle by signing up to this Absolutely No Risk Offer and take it for a spin for 7 days!


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