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Trust but cut the deck

Updated on September 22, 2015

The evil inside

Carefully watch your step...there's a lot of advantages there; you get home, miss crap, stretch legs, see sights and meet the world.

The mirror of trust

Observations on Life:

The essence of our personality is split into two facets; we have a home version, followed by the worldly face we don when we leave our homestead and face the real world. Honesty and truth matter at home, yet those attributes can get you eaten alive by the dog-eat-god world we face when we venture beyond the confines of our homestead. Forgiveness happens at home; seduction occurs in the real world.

Anonymity can make us whoever we choose to be. To act or not to act; unless we have a public face, a worldly mask that protects our private life, we are mere fodder to the gristmill that now lives in modern social interactions and business transactions. Deal fairly with people you know; however, many don a different mask when merging with the world, pretending and acting as they wish, and no one knows you well enough to say otherwise.

You never achieve true respect, mystique and anonymous status while among you familiar others. When venturing out into the world, you can be whoever you want to be. Some people enjoy their public life more than their home life; they can do and say what they want, behave as they want, and pretend to be whomever they please. Once home, people see through you, know you, and see what they consider the sum total of your accomplishments. They know the real you. The world has no idea who you are or what you can be…certain people are at more at home on stage, as their public life is composed of entertaining others, and they enjoy the mystique of the stage, where they are what they pretend to be. Comedian, singer, musician, newscaster, media personality, or Master of Ceremonies; they bask in the adoration of countless fans…people that only see the persona you project while on stage. You can be what you want to be, but when you return home, your true nature comes back, and you are back to your roots. Celebrities and actors, musicians and icons; the whole public projection is a carefully contrived picture of what you want others to assume about you. David Bowie went whole hog to create a masterful, eccentric and odd personality, an act he played on stage, but shed when heading back to home.

At which point do you leave your true personality at home and adopt your public face—a Ying/Yang existence. Once you step beyond your door, you are in unknown territory that is strange and unfamiliar.

When returning home after a long day practicing pretence, when do you revert to the home personality? When you park on your street, drive into your neighborhood, or walk through your front door?

What you bring into the world often says a lot about who you truly are. Honesty and goodwill are traits that should always exist—discarding them to life a life of deception and crime promotes guilt and shame. Good Karma means your true self exists where you are, no matter how far you’ve traveled. Some move to new cities…uproot and move thousands of miles, trying to run from their past, desperate to start life afresh. Geographical change doesn’t transform who you really are. Your problems are still there, your personality remains, and you are only running from yourself.

When you look into the mirror of honesty, you must like what you see. If you are hiding dreadful secrets, you are a double-minded man, a restless wanderer that will never truly achieve peace—a picture of Dorian Gray. Peace must originate inside, and that will be with you always. True love is always with you; it is not arrogant or boastful, it doesn’t insist on its own way. It is patient and kind, understanding and forgiving. Love conquers all, withstands all, bears all things. Without love, we are empty shells…devoid of real meaning, and a vacuum of emotion that sucks both the good and the bad into its nature, and becomes corrupted by pride, self-aggrandizement, and pomposity. True meaning is found in a humble, level life, a life of modest demands, and a generous spirit. Your spirit dictates who you are, and that is what you should adhere to, despite what the world clamors for, demands, and throws in your face as shady deals, schemes to gain unjust profit, and a greedy nature that focuses on money, rather than the inestimable qualities that keep you grounded, stable and able to look in the mirror and like what you see. A spiritual balance is continual, and promises a prosperous and bearable future. Never repay evil with evil, rather forgive, and replace evil with good. Like a bright light, a truthful spirit shines, yet dishonestly digs into darkness, and buries your spirit…forever.

They say, once burned, twice shy. You can’t trust everyone; moreso, your private values and honesty have no place in the outside world, where people see you as a source of money, and tell you lies to convince you to trust them before they steal your money. Be wily as a snake, but as righteous as a dove, and helpful as a true friend, full of charity and not selfish implosion. Trust, but cut the deck.

When someone steals from you, never entertain the same mistake. Certain people cannot and should not be trusted, as they hold to the adage of doing a wrong to you before you do a wrong to them. They don’t understand that some people are honest, as they are twisted in lies and live a life of artifice, donning a personality of charm, yet covering a personality of greed, deception and convenient morals.

Man fool me once…shame on you. Man fool me twice…shame on me—or an idealized view of humanity that is an ethereal concept that doesn’t exist in reality. Forgive your enemies…it really pisses them off, and they can’t understand why…they choke on stifled morality.

A disguise is meant to fool; look beyond appearances, and examine the facts. What do they have to gain, and what do you have to lose. If it smells funny, do not agree to anything right away. Your inner voice of caution is talking to you…take the time to listen. The best way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

Hindsight is always helpful in consequences, and the future is built on actions. Make sure your actions are true to your beliefs, and remember other people lie from the get go. To thine own self be true: throughout life, you can only truly trust yourself, make sure you are worthy of trust.

Only in your world

It's your life, make sure it's a good one...there's no second kick at the can, and that guilty feeling doesn't go away. Be sure and pure.


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