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Reach for the Stars

Updated on September 17, 2012

There are so many options for individuals in the global marketplace. The internet means that location is not necessarily a barrier to personal growth and development. Individuals can set up businesses with little capital needed for start up and if you want to be qualified you no longer need to go to university instead you can do it from the comfort of you own home.

It is possible for individuals to be made stars from their lounge, to become global celebrities overnight via YouTube and for companies to make billions without making a single physical product or service.

The opportunities are ability to advance on a trajectory that mean individuals can reach for the stars means that people and organisation development needs to change dramatically to keep up with the new ways of working and develop a culture which engages with the needs of their most critical talent.

Creativity, innovation and problem solving now exist outside the boundary of traditional organisational structures. The rules of engagement have switched from a hierarchical organisational structure to an inter-connected collaboration and fluid environment where anyone can be the centre of new ideas and new developments.

The internet generation demands a greater sophistication from their employment relationship, the knowledge workers that organisations wish to attract and retain cannot be confined within traditional corporate cultures and ways of doing things.

It is essential that organisations get to know their employees on a deeper level, and renegotiate terms of engagement in a manner that releases the potential of the talent within the organisation and ensures that they are engaged as equal partners with the organisation to deliver success and sustainable performance, both on an organisational and an individual level with a view to evaluating the organisational development interventions.

Long term survivors of the global business environment will be those who can view their employees as an astronaut would view earth from space, no longer separated by false boundaries but as a holistic view of the world in its totality. By releasing individuals to be all they can be, and navigating across boundaries organisations will deliver sustainable performance even during periods of rapid change and uncertainty.


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