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Turbotax Website Review

Updated on January 13, 2014

Procrastination will never put off filing taxes. You will eventually have to get those papers in one way or another

It’s that time again and people are getting ready to file their taxes with Uncle Sam. Are you going to use the online process of taking care of this dreaded deed? If so, consider looking at some of the online tax sites to get the job done. Review several different ones before you decide which works best for you. With all of the electronic tax filing website resources offered, it is best to take a closer look at them all before making a final decision of who to go with. This is an important item on the "to do" list every year.

What is TurboTax?

Turbotax is a company used for electronically filing annual income taxes. Historically paper submissions of these papers were necessary. Now it is estimated every nine out of ten people will file electronically. Paper filing is only for special or unique circumstances in nearly all cases. This means paying a business to do the deed for you or filing it yourself online.

There are certainly more than a few different companies offering this service. TurboTax is only one in a long line. Most people use them for federal. Though they offer state filing services as well. Business taxes and itemized filers are not an exception to who will use this amenity. Copies of all electronic information used to complete the filing package is also available.

There are a number of advantages and also some disadvantages using this particular company when you do your taxes this year using this business.

About TurboTax

This particular company has been available and in the business for quite some time. They came on the scene when e-filing was still new for a lot of people. They have survived where similar retailers have folded and failed since electronic processing began. Taking care of your taxes with this retailer means an assurance of their credibility with processing techniques for safety and confidentiality of personal data and information. The existence of the company after more than a decade is a testament to this fact.


Free to use

They do advertise taking care of federal tax obligations with Uncle Sam free of charge. This is generally the biggest appeal for the majority of people with an interest in using the service. The free edition is only available for EZ filers or Simple filing status users. There are filing methods offered for all other filing statuses, including small business and partnerships or LLCs. However, there will charge a fee for filing other than EZ or Simple.

Free to print copies

Anyone that pays for tax filing gets free printing services up for up to five copies as well as free e-filing. Along with free filing and printing, e-file and electronically deposit of a refund in as little as seven banking days are well liked options.

Paper filing option

A number of customers do not want to e-file. In this case an option of using the Turbotax Downloadable CD comes in handy. This version also doesn't cost customers filing EZ or Simple status a fee. All other statuses will need to pay for the CD. Paper copies are printed from the CD and mailed in for handling.

File anytime

One of the great things about any customer electing to use TurboTax is there is no open and close time. Any schedule works for completing the info, printing, submission or even visiting with experts.

State filing available

State tax return filing is doable for any filing status and no matter which method you choose to file. Similar rival companies do not always offer state filing choices.

Expert advice

Tax expert professionals answer any questions while using the company services. These are experts contacted via a live chat feature or a toll free number. Use the service or contact them 24 hours a day or 7 days a week.

Guaranteed to be correct

Accuracy is guaranteed as well as finding customers the most money for every refund. This is a maximum refund guarantee offered by the business for all users. This makes any novice feel safe and secure using the company.

Support for audits

Audit Support is another method of helping customers provided by the site. Audit Support is there in case of an IRS tax audit only for returns submitted via the company.

Audit Defense is a third party company working with this business with professionals for concerns and any issues that could occur in the case of an IRS audit. They will represent you with for a fee. Further details and more information is on hand via a separate site for the business.


Online options do include several extras for those customers with needs outside of the box. Customers filing tax extensions and filing for rental property or self-employment will find opportunities to get their paperwork handled here.

Along with all of these wonderful benefits you get, there are also a number of disadvantages or things to be aware of before going in.


Not all files covered for audits

Audit Support is not live help. This is a down-loadable PDF file that walks you through what you need to do to prepare for an audit of your federal taxes. If a return is handled by a different company several years ago, this is not part of the company audit support.

State taxes cost a fee

State tax filing is offered for a fee. This is not a free of charge service even for the EZ or Simple filing status. Although this is similar to the competition, it would be a very well liked advantage if ever changed to a free of charge amenity.

Website not very user friendly

The website is extremely busy and not easy to navigate. Lots of the material on the site is a little overwhelming if you aren't sure of what you are searching for. Newbies to these types of forms or services will have some difficulty using the website.

All questions not answered professionally

This varies and depends on what question is being asked and when. Be very careful of advice received from the this source. These are not professional tax preparers, but other online web users visiting the site.

Taking this type of advice not backed by a guarantee and without the expertise needed for this important duty could cost you big time. Customers are safer using the tax experts provided by Turbotax free of charge instead of going to the community for serious matters. General community connections and discussions are okay outside of vital questions, concerns or details where a tax professional is the best option .

Audit defense has some short comings

Audit Defense is a third party of tax experts that represent users in the case of an IRS audit. They do not provide legal representation for users. There focus is only tax expert advice. The fee or what it will cost is not spelled out in detail on the website information. This means although their services cost, a tax attorney or other expense is a possibility on your horizon after using them.


Pricing for Turbotax services runs $29.95, for filers not EZ or Simple, this cost will vary up to $129.99. Filers electing the Download/CD option will spend from $19.95 to $99.95. The least expensive is $19.99, but the most is effected by filing status and other extras or options offered by the company. Taking advantage of more amenities will add more to the bottom line.

Audit Defense is offered for a fee. Their website provides details of the cost is for what service. The TuboTax website will not spell these details out. Links are given to Audit Defense from the main webpage.

In conclusion

Taxes are definitely an obligation no one will dismiss or get out of. There are times when filing costs a pretty penny or monies not on hand. Some filers will not only pay for this mandatory obligation, but also pay taxes after processing. This means getting the most product for any money spent for this essential service.

Shopping around for the best services, advice and extras for the least amount of money is found with a little extra legwork. By reviewing the pros and cons offered by individual companies and what they deliver to their online customers an individual will definitely find the best bargain for tax filing.

This particular online business has lots of advantages not found with similar companies. Even combined with their disadvantages the overall review is a positive one for TurboTax. They have lots of extras for customers and their fees are not extremely outrageous. A business with a long history when side by side with like companies, deserves a second look. Filers will not go wrong investing in this particular method of getting tax filing done this year.

Income tax refunds are not seen as often as they once were.

Some filers get money back in the form of a tax return while others have to pay. What fate you see depends on a variety of factors.
Some filers get money back in the form of a tax return while others have to pay. What fate you see depends on a variety of factors.

Are you a procrastinator when it comes to getting it done?

When do you file your federal income taxes?

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    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

      Have used Turbo Tax and found it reliable -- my filing is the simple sort so can't offer any information as to more complex returns but my dealings with them has absolutely been satisfactory. Useful Hub and voted Up. Best, Sis

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      My husband and I have used TurboTax ever since we got married and love it. Even when we have more complicated tax years (i.e. multiple states, multiple jobs, etc.), it is still a relatively easy process. I highly recommend it to everyone.