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Turning your desire to be successful into reality

Updated on April 25, 2016

Everyone desires to be successful and accomplish new heights of success every day. Here the principal thing is that they don't give a practical approach to their desire. They just imagine that they want success, but how they can be successful is a mystery for them. So what all things a person should possess or what all he can displace in order to be successful? The resolutions are simple but not that simple to be implemented. If you want to steer towards a successful career keep an eye on the given points.

Set goals and milestones

Every working individual wishes for lots of success in his career, but not all of them are able to reach their goals. There may be several reasons for not able to achieve the goals, but the most important issues that are faced by everyone is a lack of fixed target or milestone. Set short-term goals which can work as stepping stones towards a successful career. You can't determine a long term goal and just wait and wait to achieve it. The major setback in achieving long term goals is that you can't assess your performance, which helps you to know whether you are on a right track or not. So what more can be done? We can divide the long term goals into short term targets and taking progressive steps to conform to those short term targets, can help in achieving long term goals through short term targets even if your journey is through various ups and downs. For example, you want to shift your job area after a few years. For that you can start your planning today by educating yourself about the new specialised area you want to make your career in, gaining ample knowledge about that area and making yourself academically and professionally trained to get into that job once you leave your current one. This will reduce your unproductive time once you depart your current job and can easily replace job without facing any hurdles.

Take responsibilities for your faults

Many of us put the freight of our mistakes on others. We never admit our mistakes easily rather get an excuse for it. It draws us out of the current situation, but in the long term it affects our goodwill. We will lose trust in others eyes as we are getting them in trouble while safeguarding ourselves. Remember a successful individual is one who is well accepted in the society and to get accepted in society whole heartedly, you have to take responsibility for your mistake and apologize or see to it that no one is affected adversely because of it. Learning from your mistakes is the best ability one can own.

Make a to do list and follow through

If you are managing multiple assignments at a time make a to do list of all the work you have to do on that assignment. This means you can manage your work in an effective way, giving proper time and energy to important tasks and rescheduling tasks which needs more time and effort. It will also help to recall what all work you have to do and acts as a personal manager. You can prioritise each task and even assign the required number of hours each task will take. Write down your to do list in an effective way, it should not be such that it aids to save some time for you now, hurting your progress and does not save you time in the long run.

Scale down your work load

Whenever you are too loaded up with work you can ask your fellow workers to help you out. Have a talk with your superiors and then that they can assign some jobs to another person and give you sufficient time to complete your work. If you are in a position that you can delegate the work to someone else, try shifting your work load to them. You can do something new and unique only if you have time to think and research on that matter. The excessive work load will capture your mind into it and your creativity will become diluted. If you are in a comfortable zone you can focus your attention towards something effective and advanced.

Take out some time for yourself

Always remember no one will open new doors for you, if you want something you have to be devoted towards it and take out some time for achieving it. For example, if you are in a job and just by merely working for the organisation and thinking that gradually you will be promoted, based on experience and you will get what you want, you will not achieve the heights of success. For that you have to get yourself updated with the new challenges and technology, and get experience in the line of business you want to expertise. Organisations want employees who change with the varying needs of business and are more focused.

Don't compromise on your sleep

If you consider in completing your work by being awake at night you must reconsider your decision. Being awake late night deprives you of the normal amount of sleep one should take and reduces your effectiveness the another day. You loses your concentration on the work been assigned to you and get into the habit of competing it anyway. Gradually the work performed by you loses its value as you are unable to put your full effort into it. Not only it affects your work but also your health. A healthy individual can perform his tasks in any condition as compared to others. So try completing your job during the prescribed office hours and don't go for working late night to complete a task. Effectively managing your work load will help you in timely completing your work.

Remember at last it doesn't matter where you are standing or what your position is in the organisation, what matters is your approach towards life. If you are heading forward with a positive approach and your path is correct no one can stop you from gaining success in whatever field you are.


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