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Tutorial Business in the Philippines and 6 Factors to Consider

Updated on March 10, 2015
Felisa Daskeo profile image

I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.


Prepare yourself for the worst.

You have started your tutorial business and invested pretty well on it. You have the resources, you have all the good personality traits that a business woman should have, you have all the time to manage your business; in short you are fully set to keep your business running good.

But wait; there are still so many things to consider. It is not an easy endeavor because you are going to meet some unexpected problems in the future.

Prepare yourself for the worst.



6 Factors to Consider When Putting Up a Tutorial Business in the Philippines


  • Financial Problems

- When people are suddenly slapped with financial problems, the first thing they do is to cut down on expenses. Out go the additional services that they had availed such as internet connection, cable connection, school bus services, monthly magazine or newspaper subscription, etc. One of the services that is not a basic need is tutorial services, so expect some students to stop tutoring when the crisis suddenly takes over.

- You have to be prepared for this situation because whether you like it or not, economic crisis cannot be avoided. People lose jobs, people go into financial problems, people lose their business and so on. These situations affect your tutorial business too. If people have no money, the most probable thing they will do is to stop tutorial services for their children.

- In our case, when the sudden economic crisis befell America a few years ago, many Filipino families were financially affected. Many of our students stopped tutoring. The population of our tutorial center was reduced to half. It was a great lose on our part. Every time a parent loses a job, there is a great impact on our tutorial business. When a member of a family gets sick or go into financial problems, we expect one student to go.


  • Competition

- As I mentioned in my previous article here, tutorial centers in the Philippines are popping like mushrooms. You are not the only tutorial center owner because there are many others around. Now, that is where you find ways to be different and set an edge where you become the winner in the said business. Of course, this is not easy but you can do it if you work hard on it.

- In our case, our tutorial business had been doing fine until 5 other tutorial centers popped up and more teachers in school accepted students to tutor at home after classes.

- For one year, we lost so many students and only a few were left with us but the next year, some of them came back. What made them come back to us is another story for another article.


  • Geographical Location

- One of the important features of a tutorial center should be an easy access to your prospect students. Our tutorial center is very near a Catholic school, so most of our students come from this certain school. We have the edge when it comes to easy access because the students can easily come to the tutorial center after school.

- Your tutorial center should be near schools. Consider also the environment. Choose an environment that can attract your clients since you are dealing with parents and students. In this case, you have to choose a safe place for the children.

- A good place is one where cars aren’t busy because you have students to consider. You should also consider the safety of kids from other people around such as bullying. There may be children outside your tutorial center waiting for other children outside to bully. You should be alert with situations similar to this.


Children feel happy when they feel comfortable in their learning environment.
Children feel happy when they feel comfortable in their learning environment. | Source
  • Learning Conduciveness

- This is very important because most parents want their children to feel comfortable while being taught.

- Many parents want an air-conditioned room that makes the children more comfortable as they learn. Although, our tutorial center is not air-conditioned, we make sure that it has enough electric fans to provide comfort for the kids.

- Parents also want a spacious place for their children, so you need a place wide enough to accommodate the students. If your place is not spacious, arrange the tables and chairs in such a way that the students are comfortable while working.


Very young kids have very short span of interest.. Give more attention to them.
Very young kids have very short span of interest.. Give more attention to them. | Source
  • Services

- Your service is very important. No matter how good you are as a teacher if you don’t provide good service to your clients; you will not prosper in the tutorial business. Service includes how you take care of your students. If you treat them like they are your own kids, that’s already a plus point on your part as a tutor.

- In our case, the way we handle kids is our advantage. We cater to all types of kids that some tutors do not accept. I will be very clear about this matter because there are some parents who come to us and tell us that we were recommended by another tutorial center because they know that we can handle their child. This is of course very flattering on our part as a competitor of their business.

- To be frank, we had been in business for many years and we accept children who have special needs. It is flattering that many people recommend kids with special needs to come to us for tutorial services.

- If some tutors give up on other kids because they think they can’t handle them; we on the other hand do not just give up on kids but we try very hard to find a way to teach them.

- If they need more time to study, we give them enough time without extra charge. If they have projects and we have the resources, we provide the materials for them.

- Tutors must be very considerate.


Make your own activity sheets.
Make your own activity sheets. | Source
  • Program

- Each tutorial center has its own tutorial program that it follows. You can make your own. Tutoring is easy. Of course you have to follow-up the lessons of the children. The way you administer the program depends on you as the tutor.

- When I was still a beginner, I hopped from one house to another to tutor the children. It was always one on one, except when the parents let two children have tutorial lessons. It was easy because I followed their lessons in school, explained them and I let them answered activity sheets that I prepared as we moved from one subject to another. When periodical exams came, I prepared more paper works for them.

- When I bought a computer, that was the time we made printed paper works. I made the activity sheets after tutorial classes and duplicated them according to the number of students in each grade so it was more convenient.

- Parents like to see what their children are working on when they attend their tutorial sessions. You have to let them have activity sheets.

Once you start a tutorial business, you should learn how to go about it in order to succeed and maintain it.



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