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Tweak Your Content and Save Your Blog

Updated on November 28, 2012

There are literally thousands of blogs out there in the blogosphere. Some of these blogs are decent and offer content that’s Okay.

Other blogs offer their readers Great content.

And then there are blogs that are Way off the mark.

How often do you come across a new blog, read its tagline and then when you start reading a few of the articles that on that blog…you realize they’re just not on the mark?

I'd guess that your answer would be more often than not.

Take a look at your blog.

Is it's content on Target?

Is it relevant to what you’re blog represents? If it’s not then take a closer look at your blog's content and start tweaking it for it's intended target market.

Here are a few things that you can do right way to get your blog back on track.

Reevaluate Your Blog’s Purpose

Remember when you first came up with that brilliant idea and a few months later you started your blog? Do you remember your blog's original purpose?

Many bloggers start a blog because they want a place to let loose, and that’s just fine when you have a personal blog, and it’s just a place for you to vent your frustration with the world at large…but when your blog is a business, well then that’s not the place for that content.

If your blog has lost it's direction, then the next thing to do is…

Tweak That Content

Take a close look at your blog’s content and if it’s off track, and then tweak it!

The worst thing you can do in regard to blog content is have something there that’s not directed to your core audience.

Step back, be a bit critical and if an article isn’t working, either fix it or pull it. If an article starts out well, but finishes poorly, it may be because you’re off topic. Just read it, and if it’s possible…re-write the article so that it’s directed toward your core audience.


This argument always comes up in regard to I write for my audience and not sell out on my principals or do I write a blog post that will get found in local searches?

The simple answer is if you own a business blog, then your writing content that's geared to acquiring new customers and converting them to new buyers.

With that question answered, there's a lot that you can do on your own in regard to (Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that does not require the services of a small business blogger who's familiar with the overall SEO picture.

If Wordpress is your blogging platform of choice (as it is in many cases) you should have a plug-in already installed that will handle basic SEO tweaks for your content.

Check your keywords for your articles. Are they relevant to your content? Do you even have any keywords that will help your article get found by the all important search engines? If not, then that’s something that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you haven’t conducted any keyword research for your articles, then do your research and add those relevant keywords to your articles. You can also add them to your meta description, and place them in your article titles so that they show up in searches on Google and Bing.

You’d be surprised just how quickly a few simple tweaks to your blog's content can get it back on the right track, and save it from becoming just another blog that’s lost its target audience due to a lack of focus on your core message.

Remember content's still king, but only if it's the right content.

Lew Newmark is the owner of KeyWords Media.


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