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Twitter Makes Business Sense.

Updated on March 13, 2015

The Twitter Phenomenon.

The Twitter phenomenon began as recently as 2006.

There are currently over 500 million registered users of which there are now in excess of 140 million regular (Tweeters) users across all ages and demographic groups. Users are spread over nearly every country across the globe.

Twitter receives at it's website 300,000 new visitors everyday. In addition to this 1 million new accounts are added to Twitter on a daily basis. These figures seem quite mind boggling and reflect the enormous global impact that Twitter has had over the last few years.

How does Twitter work?

Twitter is a free social networking tool in which users create messages (posts) up to 140 characters in length. The posts give updates about interesting, funny, informative or even bizarre things that are currently happening in their lives.

Businesses and commercial enterprises Tweet (post messages) about their products and services and upcoming events. It is possible to include in your Tweet a link to a website that gives full details of the story or event that is discussed in the Tweet. The Tweet is essentially a very concise message to the Twitter community. If the Tweet interests you, you can click the link and read more about the story.

If you are interested in a particular topic or person, you can follow them. This basically means that you will receive in your Twitter account, Tweets that they create. In turn, people can follow you. This means that they will receive in their Twitter account your Tweets. If you run a business, customers and potential customers can opt to receive updates on products, services and promotions that your business is offering. The beauty of Twitter is that you can reach people who are interested in you for free. You simply need to make what you Tweet as interesting and informative as possible.

Where is Twitter particularly popular?

Twitter is particularly popular in the the United States and the United Kingdom. Nearly 51% of Twitter accounts (250 million) are based in the the US. As an intelligent reader you may be wondering why there are so many accounts in the US, given the population size. The answer is that you are permitted to have more than 1 account. People will typically have an account for different interests. If you are a keen astronomer, you may have an account where you only follow Tweets from other astronomers. In turn you may have a separate friends and family account.

In the UK there currently 85 million accounts registered which represents 17% of the total number of accounts that have been opened to date. Quite clearly if your business is looking to market in the the US and UK, then Twitter would seem to be an excellent platform.

Marketing On Twitter.

It is believed that 50% of active Twitter users (70 Million) follow companies, brands or products on social networks. Other statistics indicate that that 79% of US Twitter users are likely to recommend brands that they follow. 67% of US Twitter users have indicated that they are more likely to buy from brands they follow.

An example of a business that is using Twitter successfully is Apple. They had as at November 2012 nearly 3 million followers. They use Twitter as a way to effectively communicate with their clients in respect of their newest technology, perform surveys and update Apple users on the latest news. They generally Tweet at least once per hour most days, sometimes more.

At a more local level my company Posinfo Limited has at the time of writing 13,458 followers. The account is run and managed using TweetAdder Software. It provides you with a fully automated easy to use system for managing your Twitter account. You also get free unlimited software updates and support. To me TweetAdder takes away the heavy lifting in respect of building, managing and communicating on a regular basis with a large number of people and organisations that are interested in your products and services.

If you would like to take a look at this software that has been voted Best Twitter Marketing Software then click this link.

Happy and prosperous Tweeting!


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