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Twenty Dollar Challenge Week One

Updated on February 13, 2014
from a single bill to a handful
from a single bill to a handful

Where Did This Idea Come From

Raised in a church going family, attempted to be run down by an alcoholic father, molested as a child, raped at gun point by a cop, my children kidnapped on Christmas day, homeless under the boardwalk in Atlantic City NJ...

From this dark and colorful past i built a business on eBay that did over 250,000 in total sales in 2013, many people call me successful, but it is only by the grace of God that I have all that I do... So many people ask me how i did it and i have tried many times to give people what i have... BUT I found that with out that desire you can only lead a horse to water, or so i have been told...

I am a firm believer in knowledge is power, so one day i was searching Youtube for more information about building my business on the internet when i stumbled across this video, i never have been able to find it since, and a guy challenged his viewers to take a $20 buying at thrift stores and see what they could grow it into...

I said jackpot, this is how I can show everyone what I do, with the same distractions, and obstacles that someone starting out might have... I will have very limited money to work with, since most people wanting to work from home have little to no extra money, hence the reason for the desire to sell on eBay... I hope you follow along, or if you are starting late follow through with this challenge, I know eBay changed my life for the better...


I will be showing everything I do, from the ground up, there will be nothing left out, and if you have questions feel free to post them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.. This challenge assumes that you know the basics of eBay, that you have a seller account, and that you have a paypal account... Other then those few things i will be covering how i do everything including but not limited to taking pictures, listing my items, storage of inventory, working with turbo lister both basic and advance later on.

I will take $20 at the beginning of every week, for 5 weeks, total investment will be $100.00 and build a profitable work at home business on eBay from there. All profit will be reinvested into the business for 3 months... After that my personal goal is to be able to put $100 a week into a savings account and increase the amount i am able to take out of the business over the next year.

You will need to buy or have on hand shipping materials, you should be able to get everything you need for less then $20 dollar.... Or you can follow along and see how you can do it for free...

Setting Up Turbo Lister

Ready To get Started
Ready To get Started

Let's Get Started

As much as I want to jump in and start listing so the money flows directly to my checking account and I can sit on the beach we need to take time to get everything we need set up and organized, Many people reading this will already know the shopping bug of thrifting...

Today we will be focusing our attention on turbo lister, many people dont like it, and I will admit it can be a pain in the butt, but it is free, works well with eBay, and once you get the hang of it, you can work around the slowness...

Turbo Lister is a free program from eBay, and will help us with our listings... You can download turbo lister by clicking on the following link TURBO LISTER DOWNLOAD

Once you download the program, you can follow the video above for a step by step walk through of setting up turbo lister including connecting to your eBay account ***NOTE*** I do not endorse the program this guy uses but the video shows you exactly what you need to do to set up turbo lister....

Turbo lister may not be your friend now, but when we get deeper into this and you full understand files and spreadsheets, how to import and export them in turbo lister you will love it as much as i do.

Here are a few pages you should bookmark for future reference..

My eBay Store is
My Hubpage Profile
My Facebook Page
My Flag Store

There are a few things you need to remember as we move forward from here, Rome was not built in a day, the reason i am using a 5 week investment processes is so that i find it hard to quit before i get fully started. We should have items sell within the first 5 weeks which will allow us to reinvest in items from thrift shops to make even more...

I will mention God often, because I choose to follow Him as my Lord and Savior, please understand that you do not need to be a Christian, or believe in anything, but respect my beliefs and remember that i do this freely because of what i believe...

God Bless

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© 2014 John Chartier

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