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Twenty Dollar Challenge Week One (Part 2)

Updated on February 13, 2014
If you start with clutter you will never get organized
If you start with clutter you will never get organized

A Little More About The Challenge

Before we get started with Turbo Lister, we need to make sure we have some where to list our products, for me I created a category in my store on ebay called Red Hot Deals, everything for this challenge will be listed with in that category... My goal is to keep my inventory to 100 to 125 pieces at any given time, while increasing net sales monthly... As you will see my goal is sell every item quickly at a profit...

*** Side Note*** if you are one of the people that like to sit on items and get top dollar this may not be for you, I will hold a few items, but for the most part if I am making a profit on something I am selling it, there is an endless stream of stuff to sell for me...

My system is based on flipping items and keeping inventory and storage down, which will also allow for my time for hunting the next treasure to sell... I am relying on 15 years in the car business, the longer something sits the more it cost you in the end... You may not have to take more money out of your pocket, but you will have to store the item (cost of space) ebay fees per month... fades change quickly, we all love to thrift and hunt for the treasures but when it comes to the rest we struggle... Part of my thought behind this challenge as well...

One of the biggest problems we will run into is clutter, You will see mine, I have a tractor trailer full of stuff, and I am going out and buying more for this challenge, yes i am crazy... But I am hoping as we work through this challenge over the next few months that we all start seeing any clutter we have around disappearing... Every item has value, some more to me then others as you will see in the coming weeks...

Now that I have been talking in circles lets get down to the point of this all, if we start out organized and lay out our templates and file systems both on ebay and turbo lister we will be able to focus more of our energy on listing and less on cleaning...

Although my business is currently selling, I am looking at this as a new business all together and hopefully any good habits I may have here i can transfer to things I am already doing... So what do you say lets get back to setting up turbo lister so we can get to the fun part of SHOPPING...

Turbo Lister Walk Through

So much easier to work when you are organized & neat do you agree??
So much easier to work when you are organized & neat do you agree??

Finishing Turbo Lister Setup

once you get use to the work environment of turbo lister it really isnt that bad of a program, the biggest problem I have is taking the time to organize what I am doing from the start, I like to jump in and get going which really doesnt work very well...

Now in a perfect world i would have someone to follow behind me and clean up my mess... But since I dont, I am going to work through this right now and get myself organized..

First we will need to layout some ideas of what we need for folders... Here is how I am laying mine out. The above video is a walk through of everything I am writing out here...

  • Templates
  • Current Work
  • Pending
  • Active Listings
  • Sold

I want to make my top level folders very clear what goes where... IF I keep up with your SOLD lisitngs you will be able to work with your Active Listings at any time you want without working through eBay...

Templates is simple, this is where we will have all our templates, if we decide to change a template we know exactly where it will be. This is something I am not good at, YES I use templates but I have never been organized about where they are, and many times I have to build a new one...

Current Work this is where we will copy our template to so that we can do our listings, the reason that i will have a current work folder is simple if I get called away if it is in my Current Work folder I will know it is not listed on eBay, we all get distracted just a simple little thing that will hopefully helps us be better organized.. once the listing is completed we will move it to the

Pending folder, this is where our items will be waiting to be listed, this way we can determine what will be listed when, and we will know what needs to be listed... Sometimes we will do 10 listings in one day... and want to spread them out over time, well if they are in here we can do that.. from here they are moved into the

Active Listings simple enough this is where all our items that are listed for sale on ebay are stored, and hopefully from this folder we can quickly move them to the

Sold folder our goal is to make sales, so in the end our goal is to get all our items in to this folder..

Lets Talk About Templates

Now that we have our files we need to create our templates, this will be an on going process and each of us will be different in what we have for templates, but the more templates you have the less work you need to do later...

For this example I will use myself, I sell mostly Mens Shirts for my bread and butter income, so I will build my templates with this in mind, I know it sounds silly but why would i build a template for children tv show dvds if I dont even look at them?? But I know if I didnt write it out someone would ask what to build templates on...

Now if you are not sure how to build templates refer to the above video for a step by step walk through on building a listing, a template is nothing more then a listing you copy and reuse, But dont stop reading there is always gold in knowledge... Search Youtube for turbo lister tutorials for more on using the program.

The key to the templates is fill them out as complete as possible, I will be using item specifics and conditions frequently in my listings, easier for the customer to view and search as well...

Somethings to consider when building a template

Title make it descriptive example "Mens Hawaiian Shirt 100% Silk S/S Tommy Bahama" that tells me alot of my item descriptions are already filled out, since I sell alot of tommy bahama silk shirts this is a great template...

My Description is very short and sweet because of so many using smart phones and other devices to buy online in this day and age.. here is an example of my description:


Across Chest Armpit to Armpit 20 inches aprox

Top to Bottom 26 inches aprox

Short sweet and to the point... anything else ebay has places for them... i will use item condition and item specifics alot and i think it will help me speed up the listing process...

Until we actually start working in Turbo Lister there really isnt much more we can talk about, the next thing on my list is inventory control... With over 1800 items currently listed on ebay i had to find a simple system which i will show you next time...

God Bless

© 2014 John Chartier

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