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Twitter Tricks: 5 Ways to Get More From the Social Media Giant

Updated on March 27, 2018
Bradley Robbins profile image

Bradley Robbins is a tech, trade, and travel writer with a lifetime of experience with North America, Europe, and Japan.

Businesses, customers and even world figures turn to Twitter to get the message out. Twitter is a tool with almost universal appeal, as communicating with others in 280 characters or less creates instant connections and makes for simple updates. Users turn to Twitter to make real connections quickly and easily. Understanding how to use specialized tools that interface directly with the social-media platform can help you make the most of your Twitter experience and apply the knowledge gained to enhance personal or business websites. These five tools can transform how you use Twitter and the information the social media website provides.


Check the Buzz

The trending section of Twitter is where news breaks, but it’s rarely presented well enough to suit most people’s needs. Check to see what your friends and followers are really paying attention to with the third-party Nuzzel app. Nuzzel looks over the last day’s follower and retweet activity to generate an RSS-style newsfeed and keep you on top of developments that likely match your interests or your company’s focused markets. You can even view the Nuzzel feeds of other users, tracking what public figures or politicians are seeing in their corner of the Twitterverse and anticipating their responses.

Checking out the Nuzzel feeds of key influencers in your market can give you invaluable insight as to what they’re likely to be talking about on any given day. Use the tool to hone in on the type of information that your target audiences are likely to crave, and create useful Twitter posts to promote engagement and ensure that readers get the most out of interacting with your Twitter account. Nuzzel also lets you create individualized feeds for multiple topics, simplifying sourcing news and making it easier to connect over trending topics or find support for your stance.


Get More Exposure and Retweets With Pictures

As Ronnie Coleman, Sales Executive at StayNTouch, points out: Content with quality images gets nearly double the number of views as long-form text posts without pictures. Upload your photos directly to Twitter to get the type of engagement you desire. The near-infinite variety of photo options lets you do almost whatever you want with images. Share infographics with readers or post the latest funny meme or ad. Use pictures to add a touch of humor to otherwise dry posts, or give a little more encouragement to sponsored and supported links with an image that invites others to click for more information.

Uploading pictures that feature text messages can help you get around the character count limits, providing an excellent option for creating retweets and viral messages that share well on other social media. If you have a long-form piece that doesn’t fit in the new 280-character word count, try uploading a picture of it in full and creating a link to your website or adding commentary in the text of the tweet. Add a call to action so others can respond to the image and suggest retweeting it if they agree.

Gain Community Insight

Discover tons of demographic information with Tweepsmap, a third-party tool that lets you mine tons of data to create maps of interests, locations or even follower professions and other profile details. The tool puts a wealth of information at your fingertips, delivering information on the community that surrounds Twitter and helping you get highly relevant data from the vast amount of information available. This community insight makes it easier to create targeted tweets that resonate with your followers. The data returned by Tweepsmap can help you create targeted ad campaigns or just see who is following your tweets in which part of the world.

Tweepsmap can also create lists of pertinent hashtags and demographics data for almost any Twitter account — not just the ones you own or follow — simplifying tracking competitors or discovering the interests of public figures and key influencers. Quickly see what others are doing and react in a fraction of the time it would take to sort through long lists or try to track down individual messages from users through the main Twitter platform. Tweepsmap delivers one more tool for connecting with important people in the social media space and creating the type of interaction that drives engagement on Twitter.


Test Your Social Media Draw

Social marketers can test the effectiveness of their websites by posting tweets designed for A/B, or side-by-side, testing. This type of testing allows different tweets to direct to different pages, allowing for side-by-side comparison of conversion metrics or even backwards tracking of how specific types of tweets influence click-through rates. A/B testing is an old technique that has been used for website optimization for years, and applying it to the social media space can have transformative effects, shaping traffic and providing real-time feedback on tweet interactions.

This information is invaluable for seeing exactly how traffic is shaped by social media, and it can provide insight into keywords, outreach methods and calls to action when used in conjunction with a dedicated social media campaign. The data generated by A/B testing offers essential insight for getting the best return on investment from social-media marketing, letting you tweak your tweets and content to find the best match for your audience. Side-by-side testing makes it easier to discover exactly what drives users to visit your target websites.


Manage Customer Service Direct Messages

Direct messaging remains a major tool for companies participating in the Twitterverse. Sprout helps manage these contacts, allowing customer-service representatives to quickly respond to information and even offer one-click links for moving standard tweet conversations to private direct messaging. This suite of tools is exceptionally useful for directly engaging customers who want to supply feedback to the company. You can choose to keep things public through comments or send a clickable link to take things private to avoid disclosing personal details.

Even users who aren’t providing customer service can benefit by easily taking messages private and keeping searchable, archived copies of incoming direct messages. Address questions of conduct or terms violations and protect your account with the information created by these archives, which can be accessed even if your Twitter account is temporarily unavailable. This gives you a form of defense against accusations of wrongdoing on your Twitter account and can prove invaluable if your account should be caught in a periodic update targeting spammers or scams.

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