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Marketing Through Twitter

Updated on August 4, 2012

New Age Marketing with Twitter

There are reasons why one would be encouraged to post messages of what they are currently doing. Of all the varied reasons, one of the most valid ones is market research. Social media has redefined the way products and services are marketed. With marketing and PR strategies assuming great significance in any business plan, marketers always look for better and quicker results. Although social media is relatively new in terms of its online presence, social sites like Twitter are avenues that marketers can explore in their quest an alternative marketing tool.

Twitter has a large following from the marketing fraternity today. After an initial spurt of cynicism, even marketers from the old school have found their way to the Twitter classroom. It encourages users to post messages on what they are currently doing, their views about products and services, and just about anything else they can think of. The upside is that there are a significant number of people reading these posts. So, if you have a product and people are talking (tweeting in Twitter terms) about it, chances are that knowledge of your product could spread in the blink of an eye. Yes, thousands could be instantly exposed to your product. If you start to tweet, and you decide on promoting your product with a special offer, you can spread the message through Twitter in a matter of minutes.

Keep contributing

Every Twitter gathers a following who in turn add to their followers, so the list just goes on and the network grows bigger with each new tweeter. The number of people exposed to your updates also continues to grow. So much for viral marketing! As with every strategy, there are a number of do’s and don’ts for when you begin twitting. Your ‘fan base’ or followers on Twitter need to keep up their interest level in what you are doing. Therefore, posting regular updates is essential or else every follower will lose interest and stop following you instantly. This is an easy task considering the fact that it can be achieved in 140 characters (the message length that Twitter allows).

Respect your followers

Followers begin to build up a relationship and will trust you more once you’re in regular contact with them. So, do this diligently or else kiss your ‘twits’ goodbye. In return, you need to answer every query they might have. After all, you are gaining a lot of market research from them, so learn to respect them well. The answer to your marketing strategy lies in their tweets. You get to know exactly how they perceive your product or service.

Links aren’t the only answer

In your enthusiasm to gain marketing knowledge, don’t make the mistake of merely posting links or offers on Twitter. Followers don’t usually take a liking to this, and will treat it the same way they do with unsolicited emails. That’s right, straight into their spam box. Content has always been king, so make sure that is what you treat your followers too. Your advertising pitch should be to the minimum. Make your last tweet of the day the best. Use this to link to your product so that followers will get a chance to read what you have to say and start re-tweeting your posts.


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