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2 Golden Keys to Become Self-made Millionaire

Updated on June 3, 2013
Heading for a better luck
Heading for a better luck

Over the last decade, I have studied success people, especially, the self-made millionaires. What I have learnt as a result has had a profound impact of my life. My perception of money or rather wealth creation has shifted from low gear to high gear. And I’m traveling in a high speed with a goal to exit in at the age of 30. Now more than ever, the dream of exiting at 30 seems more a reality than just a dream. Why because of self-education. The leverage of the rich.In all the history of financial success, millions of books have been written. Hundreds of thousands of wealth creation seminars are delivered every year around the globe.

Brian Tracy said “Believe it or not, somewhere someone in America becomes a millionaire every 12 minute”. Can you believe this? If this is true, then this is mind blowing. I believe this is absolutely possible. Why? Because People are becoming millionaires and billionaires very fast like never before. Flush of tycoons are filling the world. Very young people are becoming millionaires and billionaires. If you want to follow my Rich Kid Hub Series, click below and read the hubs from series 1 to 4. Very powerful lessons to be learnt from these young self-made millionaires.

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Reading these hubs will have a profound impact on your life. If you can’t all of them, at least read one. I promise that you will find something valuable and something personal that you can use in your personal life. Education holds the key to success and knowledge holds the key to greater fortunes in life. You have the education, seek knowledge and fortune will follow you. I am big on knowledge. Simply because I have come to experience the power of knowledge and how it can turn your dull life of lack and financial struggle to a secured dynamic life.Knowledge is the tool, the leverage wealthy people use as opposed to poor people to generate greater wealth.

If you have never read a book written by a millionaire, I suggest you read Rich Dad Series by Self mad millionaire and investor, Robert Kiyosaki as well as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The principles of success discussed in by these authors are timeless. You can buy these books at the lowest cost on E-Bay. Let me repeat, your time and money invested in educating yourself is but one of the greatest investment you can make in your life. What you learn can have lasting impact in your life and the most exciting part is that what you learn (knowledge) can bring you greater opportunities to better your life. Knowledge gives you the power and opens your door to opportunities others don’t see. It is the leverage you have over others. Therefore seek knowledge as if you are digging for gold for you will enjoy the treasures if you sweat.

I am not telling you from out of the blue. I do, learn and write them here to share my knowledge with my wonderful friends. I believe in the Law of Reciprocity that states “you get what you give”…So I share my knowledge expecting nothing in return here in Hub Pages. Well, the few dollars I make here should complements, my writing effort but the value of information presented here can’t be compensated by Hubpages. The person who studies and action these information is the only person who can compensate himself fully and probably drop me a fan mail one day and thank me for writing this hub. I would be glad to hear from him.

My studies have revealed that at least 80% of the self-made millionaires started with nothing or with very little but with a determination to succeed. They had what my mentor describes as “A higher calling” to serve more. And again, if we back history, we will discover that those that become very wealthy did so because of their ability to serve so many people. The larger the number they served, the richer they became. That is so much truth in that sentence. Take Ford for instance. Ford built cars that many people can afford at that time. And because many people can afford, he had many buyers. In other words, her served many and so built his wealth. Look at McDonalds. They have franchise all across the globe. They serve more and earn more every year.

Being successful financially is not just a stroll in the park. It takes commitment and above all self-discipline to weather the storms and reach your destination or your exit point. When I say exit point, I mean the time you wish to retire from your business or job or whatever you are doing and enjoy the fruit of your sweat till your time of calling.

Basically, I have discovered two very simple but very important thing most self-made millionaires I have studied have done.

Two Golden Keys

  1. Decide to be rich

First of all. They DECIDE. To decide means to choose. So the rich choose their life. And they choose life of abundance and over lack. Deciding to be rich has psychological impacts. How? Human mind has conscious and subconscious levels. The conscious mind is what the psychologist call subjective or reasoning mind. Everything information you five senses brings to your brain is put to judgment. The Reasoning Mind reasons the information out and categorize them as either good, bad, can do, can’t do etc. You have control at this level.

At a much deeper level is your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know wrong from right and bad from good. Because of its unbiased nature, psychologist calls it Objective Mind. It only acts on the information supplied to it by your conscious mind. Huh! Something thinking in your brain now if you don’t know how your mind works?

Dr. Joseph Murphy in his book Power of Subconscious Mind describes in detail how this whole process works. The book is worth reading. Dr. Joseph said the best way to program your subconscious mind is to write over it with the positive things you want in life. How? Using power of command.

Compare the two words below;


Which of the two carries more power? I bet you would say command.

If you decide to change and command your conscious mind over, the message gets wired into your subconscious mind. You daily activities of setting goals and achieving will then enforce your command and stimulate the infinite intelligence of your subconscious mind to being out the best ideas to better do what you set out to or attract opportunities that would better your life. That is why they keep saying success begins in your MIND.

Learn from the expert

2. When I left my job as a divisional manager of an oil palm company two years back at a tender age, I was determined to make it on my own. I was a recent graduate with no concrete experience in the business world. When I look back from now, my chances of failure where really high that time. I believe in the old adage that goes like this;

“When the student is ready, the teacher comes”

I met my mentor few months before I left my paid job. So I was on track and my personal development became easier and chances of failure was greatly reduced. I made so many mistakes but those mistakes were small enough to be solved and easily gave me motivation to keep going.

I learnt everything and anything I could lay my ears on eyes on from my mentor. Most of the self- millionaires learn from those that have become self-made millionaires. My life has changed completely and I am never the same any more. I keep learning new things every day from my mentors now that there are few of them.


Decide today to change and say it with conviction. One you decide to change, make commitment by listing down your life goals. Make sure those goals are SMART (Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic-Timely). Once your SMART goals are set, take action. No action, no success.

Hope you learnt some simple lessons in this hub and if you did, please let me know what you think in the comment section below. I love to hear from you my wonderful friends.


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    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 3 years ago from Papua New Guinea


      Thanks for dropping by and commenting and sharing your dream with me and others. Go after your dream.

    • VictoriaSheffield profile image

      Author Victoria Sheffield 4 years ago from Georgia

      Great Hub! I love the photos! I am sure I will be rich some day!! :)

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 4 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Thanks DDE for sharing your thoughts with rest of us.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Sounds too good to be true but you wrote this title to perfection and with such positivity