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Types of Advertising

Updated on March 8, 2010

Primary advertising is intended to stimulate an interest and a desire for a certain class of goods.

Selective advertising is done to impel the customers towards the purchase of a particular brand of goods.

Mass advertising appeals to a cross section of the population.

Class advertising is directed at special groups of people such as students, newly married couples etc.

Transit Advertising is which normally advertisers to by having there item’s skin on Vans or busses which roam city or nationwide

Publicity is information about a product that is supplied to the advertising media by the producer.

Name advertising is used in case of such items as cigarettes etc, and is done to popularize a particular name or brand.

Institutional advertising is used for the purpose of getting some message across to the public which may or may not be closely related to the sale of any particular merchandise.

Types of Advertising Media:


This is an exceedingly useful media for local merchants who wish to reach all parts of the concerned cities. It has high flexibility in respect of changes that can be made just before going to the press.


For advertisers with nationwide distribution, the fact that most magazines have countrywide coverage makes these media very advantageous. This advertising is not as flexible as that of the newspaper in respect of changes that can be made before publication of an advertisement.


It is an excellent medium for territorial selectivity because an advertise can select just those stations that broadcast into the areas that he wishes to reach. It is exceedingly flexible because it is possible to effect changes in the copy even while a program me is in progress, if such a thing should become necessary.


This media offers a combination of the spoken word and the visual presentation of the advertise on television. Moreover, a viewer has to concentrate on the television ceasing all or most of the other activities at the time.

Direct Mail:

It can be used by any advertiser due to wide variability of its coverage and covers the from of postcards, letters, etc.

Outdoor Advertising:

It is directed at people who are outside their homes or offices and covers such Medias as posters such Medias as posters, bill boards, electronic display etc.

Transportation Advertising:

It reaches the riders in a given locality or with similar interests and is done or railways, buses, etc.

Other Media:

These include business papers, store displays, packages and many more.


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