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Types of Advertising That Will Not Break Your Budget

Updated on August 21, 2014

Getting people to notice your products or services is getting harder each day. Not to mention costlier. Why? That’s because of the growing number of other businesses that are competing with you for that very valuable advertising space. Be it on television, radio, or a simple banner ad on a website it is a growing challenge just to be heard.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t give it a shot. Advertising is still very much important and effective, only if you use the right medium and you send out the right message. And of course, if you target the ideal group of people.

So if you’re on a budget, here are the top types of advertising that I recommend.


1. Car stickers or body wraps

This is perfect if you have your own vehicle, whether your own service or a whole fleet. Get your company logo or anything about your products printed on a sticker and wrap it around your car or delivery van and you get an instant billboard on wheels. This is great because wherever your ride goes, your advertisement goes along with it. And it gets viewed by people on the streets.

2. Bus stops

You can put up an advertisement on a waiting shed or a bench and it will not cost you an arm or a leg. People who are waiting for the bus would easily notice your ad and read it fully. Why? Because they don’t have any other thing to do aside from waiting for their ride. A witty or funny ad will be great. If you put a smile on their tired faces they will surely remember your ad in a good way.

3. Street flags and banners

You have probably seen one of these at the beach or at an open air event. The beauty of using flags and banners is they are very easy to set up and once the wind begins to blow, these displays become even harder to miss. Use rich colors and big letters to attract the attention of passersby.


4. Local radio ad

If you’re a small business and your market consists of just within the vicinity of your town or city, then consider getting some air time at your local radio station. Get a jingle written and recorded and let it be played for as often as you want or can afford. Even a simple mention by the DJ about your business can go a long way.

5. Social media

Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other social media sites are free to use. Create a page for your business and promote your products through social media. If you already have your loyal customers, you can start with them by asking them to like or follow your social media accounts. In the future they will gladly share whatever you share online.

6. Local events.

Is there a charity event being organized? Is the local scouts chapter planning a jamboree? Perhaps a marathon is in the works? There is always a local affair brewing and you will surely find one that can make sense for your company to sponsor it.

7. Store signage

This may seem obvious but there are businesses that sometimes forget to make their own store very visible. You need a big, bright sign. Put up a standee by the entrance, even better if you have a mascot (of course, not applicable to all businesses). The important thing here is your customers should easily notice you from across the street.


Now get busy with your ads!

Ask yourself this: what type of advertising have you tried lately and has it been effective? Mix it up. Try a new medium and then check the results. You’ll eventually find one or two that will work best for your business. You may also check out SK Displays Banners for more advertising and promotion ideas.


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