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Types of Waste Management

Updated on December 6, 2011

Waste management is a concept that has been around thousands of years. Even back to the earliest of civilizations where men and woman made camp there is always evidence of the disposal of waste by product. It could be the unused portion of a hunt killed or the after product of a good dinner. Waste management includes a lot of functions regarding well waste how they transport it, how they process it, how to dispose of it, and continued monitoring of the process from start to finish.

Waste management is also in the business of trying to recover the available resources that it can consume. This recycling of resources and additional products allow the company to reduce the amount of waste it has to place in the landfill. It also helps establish new ways to recycle or consume different materials back into the production world. This impacts the landfill environment by allowing the material to be recycled or disposed of in different ways. It takes specific materials and divides them into one specific class whether solid, liquid of a gas and uses those methods to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.

Waste management tends to differ between developing nations and third world countries. Each of the cities and towns is responsible for the residential waste that is created. As to the disposal of the radioactive waste is usually the responsibility of the person or company that generates it. Some municipalities or countries use different types of disposal methods for waste, for example, some use incinerators, some bury the waste, while others lack common infrastructure so garbage is a issue.

Incinerating garbage has been a practice that is still being used in a number of ways. Some countries specifically like to incinerate there waste products because of the lack of land to actually bury it. Some countries use incarnation of garbage in there areas to generate electricity. Using incineration as a waste management disposal method greatly reduces the amount of garbage that goes into a landfill.

While this reduces the amount of garbage in a landfill it is also useful in generating additional source of power. Some countries use the waste management by product of gas, or thermal heat to generate additional electricity. This process is great because it reduces the use of other fossil fuels for energy or electricity. But, it also allows the incinerators to reduce and clean the thermal and gas prior to it being released into the atmosphere which provides a cleaner fuel burning process built into one plant.

Waste management is different everywhere and whet countries and governments decide always have a direct impact on the people living around. The ultimate goal is neutralize the waste by products as much as possible and with newer and newer technologies for waste management improving every day we are getting closer.


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