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Types of Work at Home Jobs

Updated on September 14, 2011

For many of us we have heard of work at home jobs and automatically consider that work at home jobs are a scam and something that we shouldn't even bother with. However, for many other people that take the chance like me you can quickly discover that there are numerous work at home jobs that are very real as is the paycheck that you receive for doing these work at home jobs. Here are some of the work at home jobs and a brief description of what they are so you can find them for yourself to start enjoying the work at home job life!

I will warn you that the availability of some of these work at home jobs varies depending on your education level, time available, and other issues that you have to factor in. Some of the work at home jobs might be ones that you do not even want to do and some of them could require you to invest in programs, guide books, or other such things to complete the job. I know that some of the work at home jobs that are available do not require payment, but then they tend to only offer a free trial period or limited amount of jobs until you do sign up and pay them to get exposed to more of the jobs that these companies have worked hard at finding for people that want to have a work at home job.

What follows now though is some of the work at home jobs that I have found. Now please note that these are real jobs, but the results that you experience can vary greatly depending on multiple factors as to how much money you will make doing these work at home jobs.

One of the first work at home jobs that I did was I became an online tutor. Now you will probably do a quick Google or Bing search and see that many companies will come back in the search results. The pay for a work at home job of being an online tutor can vary greatly, but you can easily see that you are going to need to have some form of an education for this job, but it is a very rewarding job that you can enjoy immensely while broadening the horizons of young minds across the nation or globe.

The second type of work at home job that you have to be very careful about because of the numerous scams that are around are the clerical/data entry type of work at home jobs. Now for these you need to have good typing skills and be able to communicate with the company that employs you. The downside with this type of work at home job is that some of the companies will require you to have some form of face to face training with them, but after that you are normally able to enjoy the work at home job life style.

For some people that have experience in the transcription field, but got sick of having to sit in a stuffy office all day you can find a work at home job now. Many of these work at home transcription jobs require you to have certification or experience in the field. However, the work at home transcription jobs that I have seen do pay a nice bit of money and they are mainly all based on the internet including the recordings that you will be transcribing. Which when you consider that you will not have to drive to a stuffy office or spend money on lunch out you can easily earn a sizable amount of money while working from home.

For many people that are bilingual translation jobs from home can be a very lucrative job to find. Many people and companies will employ translators to put their ads into different languages. Quite often this translation work is outsourced to individual contractors to handle and this can add up to a nice income if you are looking to make extra money by working at home using some of those foreign language skills you gained in college!

With the economy down in the dumps today many of the smaller companies and even some larger companies are looking for a variety of graphic design work done relatively cheap. These jobs while they might not be steady employment are around quite often and if you are good at using computers and helping build graphic designs with websites then you can almost guarantee that you can easily find a graphic design work at home job.

Work at home jobs definitely allow you to have some freedom to do more of what you want while at the same time being able to make money. I know from my own experience that work at home jobs are legitimate and do pay, but you do have to be wary of scams and if you do have to pay money to become part of some of these work at home companies ensure that you read the refund policy. Remember do not be afraid to try working at home because it can be a very rewarding career change that can let you enjoy life with your family and friends when you want not when your job dictates.


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