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UK Online Earning With Cashback Sites

Updated on February 20, 2017
Earn Money from Cashback Sites
Earn Money from Cashback Sites | Source

Cashback sites in the UK are a well-known way of saving money on any purchases or services such as home insurance or credit cards. Making any purchases from a chosen company via a cashback site that you've joined earns the cashback site a commission, most (or all) of which is passed on to you. What's less well-known about cashback sites is that they can also be used to earn money.

Earning Money with Cashback Sites

The most trusted and established cashback sites such as Quidco, Greasy Palm and Top Cashback are pretty much the same in terms of what they offer, so I'll use Quidco as an example site because it's the one I've used most and I've never had any problems with them. (I've never had any problems with others that I've tried either - just less experience).

Free Cashback

Quidco refers to earning rewards from partner companies on their site as 'Free Cashback'. What it involves is simply going to a certain site and performing some kind of action that doesn't involve spending any money. The required action could be something as simple as visiting a site and having a look around or it could be a bit more involved such as joining a site as a member, even if you don't have anything to do with the site afterwards.

Simple actions earn you just a few pennies at most. More involved actions can pay anything from 30 pence to £100 or more.

Typical Tasks that Pay Free Cashback
Typical Tasks that Pay Free Cashback | Source

Levels of Involvement

I'm classifying this type of work according to three different levels of involvement that each visited site requires from you.

  1. Visit a site and look around. This earns just a couple of pence. The only thing in its favour is that it's very quickly done, still, it's not a very efficient way to earn money, unless you've nothing better to do.
  2. Visit a site and join up as a member or perform some other action. This pays more but is more involved as you'll have to supply some details if you want to qualify for the cashback. Remember these aren't usually dodgy, anonymous sites that you wouldn't risk giving out any details at all to, they're mostly big-name sites that you might already have dealt with in the past, anyway. For example, the well-known comparison site,, is currently (at the time of writing) requesting people to compare house insurance quotes, so they'll want your email address at least. Quidco is offering £2.15 for this deal. You'll get lots of spam emails from GoCompare, of course, but that's easily dealt with either by creating a new email address just for this purpose or teaching' your current email to deliver them to your spam folder.
  3. Visit a site and make a commitment such as opening an account. For example Western Union are requesting people to apply for and open a free account. The cashback you'll receive is £12.50 assuming your application is successful. Obviously, they'll require the usual personal details you'd be expected to give to any financial institution or bank. Some other companies, such as Experian, have a monthly subscription-based membership but will offer the first month as a free trial. You can cancel your subscription at the end of the trial, and still get the £3 cashback.

Real Examples of Free Cashback

The following table shows real examples displayed on Quidco's site at the time of writing. The list is constantly changing and frequently updated, so it's worth checking in daily to catch any good but short-lived deals. As you can see, there's quite a range of rewards available from a measly 5p to £70 if you happen to be selling your car and cant find a buyer.

Confused ,com
Generate a pet insurance quote
Generate a car Insurance quote
Generate a van insurance quote
American Express - British Airways Credit card
Successfully apply for a card
Sell them your car at a negotiated price
Western Union
Open a free account
Take a free 30 day trial of their credit rating service
Lebara Mobile
Join the site
£5 cashback plus free SIM card
Quote Supermarket
Compare energy prices
Real examples found on (June 2015)

Keep on Top

Keep in mind that the highest paying deals involve a real commitment. For example, if you choose the Experian deal, you get a free trial of a valuable service. However, if you don't cancel at the end of the trial, you will automatically be charged the next month's subscription charge - so you really have to keep on top of all the deals you're involved with or you'll end up spending more than you're making.


Cashback Risks

  • Failed transactions Most deals go through with no problem, and you get paid eventually, although it can take months in some cases. Some deals, however, don't make it for a variety of reasons. The company you dealt with and the cashback site that you accessed it through might end their partnership or there may be some other reason, such as a company going bust, or there may even be a mistake on your end, such as leaving the site and coming back later. The cashback site may not be able to track your action if you do that. So expect that a small percentage of your expected income won't materialise. There's no direct financial risk, though, as it hasn't cost you anything but time, (which, if you're a serious income chaser, you can consider as an indirect financial risk).
  • Failing to cancel free trials Some companies that offer cashback in return for taking a free trial membership require that you also set up an automatic payment method such as a debit card. If you don't cancel in time, next month's payment will automatically be deducted from your account. So always cancel in time.
  • Over-involvement There can often be a temptation to get involved with a company or its product or service more than is required to earn the cashback. For example, you can get a nice bit of cashback by successfully applying for a credit card that you don't actually need. If you start using the card, however, then that's a whole new scenario opened up. Now you're at risk of losing money on interest charges. If you actually needed a credit card anyway, and you're happy with the card's terms and conditions, then that's fine; enjoy the card and the cashback. If you don't need it, don't use it.

Join a few cashback sites - increase your options

As I've used Quidco as the example site, it's only fair that they're the ones I've chosen to provide a link to so you can check out what deals are available right now. Remember, you'll have to sign up with them to take advantage of any of their offers. Free Cashback

As I mentioned, there are other reputable cashback sites that you can check out. It's worth joining a few to increase your options. Other sites include: Top, Greasy, and - all are free to join.

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