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Five Healthcare Careers That Require Short-Term Training

Updated on October 5, 2018
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I'm a research geek who loves helping change lives by identifying emotionally rewarding and financially lucrative careers!

Healthcare Careers
Healthcare Careers | Source

A lot of people are interested in the healthcare field, and there's no shortage of healthcare jobs available for all those who are interested. In this article, you'll find short job descriptions and average starting salaries for five healthcare careers that only require short-term training.

The information is lsted from lowest pay to highest salary ranges, and there is a link to resources where you can learn more in-depth information about the healthcare career that catches your interest. If you're ready to hit this research, let's go!

The Nursing Assistant Career (CNA Careers)

What exactly is a CNA? A certified nursing assistant is someone who assists registered nurses or licensed vocational nurses as they complete their daily responsibilities. A nursing assistant may be given any of several important patient care responsibilities from obtaining vital signs and organizing medical equipment to feeding patients and administering sponge baths, and much more.

Many CNAs, who are sometimes referred to simply as "nurse aides," work in retirement homes, taking care of elderly and disabled patients who can no longer perform routine tasks without help.

Although some CNAs receive great personal satisfaction from the vital work they provide to the sick and the elderly, it is important to identify some of the glaring negatives of this healthcare career.

The field of certified nursing is commonly plagued by low pay, hard physical work, a lack of respect for their work by patients and other healthcare professionals alike, a high amount of job dissatisfaction, having to endure abusive patients, and sadly even...becoming the perpetrators of patient abuse. Finally, CNAs are almost universally considered to be the "lowest on the totem pole" for healthcare careers overall.

However, if you've got a good enough head on your shoulders to dive into this field and use it as a quick springboard while you study for for a better healthcare career...and you have a strong desire to make a real difference in the lives of people who need direct patient care, the certified nursing assistant career may be perfect for you.

Annual salary, hourly wage: $25,620 a year, $11.74 an hour
Get more info on this career at The Nursing Assistant Career Guide

Watch Angeline Valentine Give A Raw Review of Her Work as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Phlebotomy Careers

Phlebotomists are the healthcare professionals who are specifically trained to draw blood. Phlebotomists, also called phlebotomy technicians, often draw blood for donations, transfusions, medical tests, and research.

Doctors and nurses are also trained to draw blood, but their training is minimal/ Although there are exceptions to every rule, if a patient needs to have their blood drawn, they often have a more tolerable experience when the procedure is performed by a phlebotomy technician rather than a doctor or nurse.

If you are drawn to this career, you clearly must be uber okay with blood and needle sticks as this is the vast majority of what they do their entire shift. A Phlebotomist's training includes extensive knowledge of how blood drawing equipment operates and, of course, hundreds of hours of needle stick practicing.

One of the best things about this healthcare career field is that the barrier to entry is very low, and you won't have to spend a long time in school to perform the job. Many LPNs, RNs and other healthcare professionals first get certified and work as phlebotomy technician's while pursuing their nursing or other relevant degrees.

Unlike CNAs, the job satisfaction and other issues do not seem to be present in this medical career field, so this may be a good alternative for some people. If needle sticks and blood is okay with you, this is a career that might be worth checking out, at the very least it is a good stepping stone into a higher paying healthcare position.

Annual salary, hourly wage: $30,910 a year, $14.29 an hour
Get more information @

Watch Crystastic Jewels Give You Three Reasons To Become a Phlebotomist

The Licensed Practical Nurse Career (LPN Career)

Licensed practical nurse (LPNs) are sometimes called licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) in some areas of the country. Regardless of the title, the daily duties of both the LPN and the LVN are the same, but since they are mostly referred to as licensed practical nurses, this is how I will refer to them in this article.

LPNs administer vital nursing care to patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other types of healthcare facilities. LPNs are generally given the tasks of administering medicine, drawing blood, checking and recording vital signs, and notating patient records for other healthcare workers.

Many smart people enter the LPN career as a step-up from being a certified nursing assistant (CNA) through additional studies. Even smarter folks move on from being an LPN to becoming a registered nurse (RN) and beyond.

Although they sometimes share some of the the same duties of a CNA, an LPN is paid significantly higher, and for whatever reasons they don't seem to share the same negative aspects or high amount of job dissatisfaction of CNAs. Although an LPN career requires a little more study time than the CNA career, it may seem well worth it to some individuals to endure the additional months of study time for the more satisfactory healthcare career.

Annual salary, hourly wage: $42,400 a year, $19.97 an hour
Get more info @

Watch Alexis Sixela Tell You About Her LPN Duties on a Typical Day

The Surgical Technology Career

Surgical technologists are also known as surgical technicians, operating room technicians, and sometimes just plain OR techs. The main duties of a surgical tech consists of preparing patients and their rooms and equipment for pending surgical procedures. They also assist during those procedures as part of a team of operating room professionals, to include surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and any other healthcare professional routinely scheduled for surgical duties.

Surgical technicians provide assistance by cleaning and prepping the patients for surgery, sterilizing and arranging surgical equipment, and preparing operating rooms. One really positive aspect of this career field is there are three levels of opportunity, you can enter the field fairly quickly as a sterile processing technician, or start out as an actual surgical technician, and work your way up into a position as a first assistant - these are distinct areas, with distinct pay grades, but they can all be encompassed within the surgical technology realm.

The level of direct patient care in this healthcare profession is minimal when compared to the duties of all levels of nurses, practical nurses and nursing assistants, but they may be required to perform some of those duties when absolutely necessary.

Surgical technology salaries are often higher than most healthcare career fields that don't require a lot of training, the job satisfaction is high, and it is an exceptional jumping off point for anyone looking to get into the medical field - it's also a great place to develop and grow.

Annual salary, hourly wage: $43,480 a year, $20.09 an hour Get more information about this career @

Watch a Day in the Life of a Surgical Tech via the Surgical Tech Tips Channel

Emergency Medical Technician Career (EMT Career)

Emergency medical technicians, better known as EMTs, are first responders who provide immediate care for sick and injured patients, often on the scene of accidents and other medical emergencies. Their main goal is to sustain life until a patient can reach a fully qualified healthcare professional, such as an emergency room doctor.

The work of an EMT often begin at the patient's site, in ambulances and eventually they end up delivering the patient to an emergency room.

Emergency medical technicians are taught basic knowledge of a variety of medical conditions, so they can adequately assist the patients they encounter.

During their shift, they must be alert and available to respond to an emergency situation at a moment's notice. Some EMTs work alongside paramedics at fire departments, some work directly for health care equipment companies, but the majority of EMTs are employment by hospitals and emergency medical clinics.

As you can see, their work is super fast paced, and there's no room for error. If you are a mature, but an adrenaline junkie, this job is for you!

Annual salary, hourly wage: $14.91 a year, $34,370 an hour

Get More info on this career @

Pros and Cons of an EMT Career from Emily on the WildTangles Channel

If you are interested in working in the field of healthcare, and you want to join the medical profession, but you don't want to spend years in school, these are five healthcare professions that only require short term training, and you should seriously consider any one of them.

I wish you the very best of luck, health and happiness!


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    • Rachelle Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      Rachelle Williams 

      21 months ago from Tempe, AZ

      That's a good point! Thanks for your support.

    • SgtCecil profile image

      Cecil Kenmill 

      21 months ago from Osaka, Japan

      This is an excellent article. Everyone in high school must read this. Almost every "modern" country needs more people doing these jobs. The pay for some of these might seem low but stick around for a couple years and you'll be glad you did.


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