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Unbelievable! Employer Cruelty Goes Too Far!!

Updated on July 11, 2011

Thoughts on firm firing Massachusetts guy for asking for time off when his wife was stricken with cancer

I was online recently, to be precise, when an article caught my eye which I couldn't believe.

After I read it, looking back now if I was overdosed on gamma radiation I would have turned into the Incredible Hulk, I was that angry.

Here's the reason why...

It seems that there was this guy near Boston, MA whose wife was stuck with stage four cancer, so he asked his superiors at Haynes Management, where he was an accountant, to rearrange his schedule so he could be with his loved one in her extreme time of need.

Mind you, he wasn't asking for time off as most people would do; he was more than willing to work nights and weekends to compensate for his absence during the day to care for his wife.

Now one would think that any decent company with any kind of compassion whatsoever wouldn't hesitate to accommodate the man, who has been with this particular firm for almost 15 years, but...

It was apparent that Haynes Management has no compassion for those who they feel are inferior human beings, which they evidently felt of this man as they flat-out fired him with no sympathy, nothing.

I'm not saying that every employer is like this, but it just goes to show that too many companies, namely Haynes Management, care nothing for the people who work for them.

This was a truly evil and heinous act that this company in New England committed, it reminded me of some run-ins I have had with employers over the years, when they showed in no uncertain terms that they did not care about me as a human being, that they thought of me as inferior; more than one boss has told me flat-out, "I don't care!" when I would tell them of certain concerns of mine.

Now thanks to this devil's firm, this man has been forced to go on unemployment and is completely stressing out over how to pay his wife's medical bills.

Don't misunderstand - I get that for companies, the bottom line rules over everything else, but there is one thing that companies like Haynes will NEVER understand:

Some things are more important than profits or the bottom line, like caring for people as human beings and cutting some slack when things like cancer happen.

As such, I truly hope that this man sues the hell out of Haynes Management, and that people in that area boycott that poor excuse for a company.

And I hope that if/when he sues them, that he gets millions of dollars and bankrupts their sorry butts; that would be an appropriate punishment for their most evil act.


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