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Underrated Marketing Strategies

Updated on March 16, 2010

Finding Lucrative Marketing Strategies

There are plenty of great marketing strategies out there that can be tapped into to effectively establish beautiful results for your online business. Be warned that over-using these strategies may cause your website to be banned from search engines like Google. But then again, Google bans everyone for unnecessary reasons, but it would be best if you played it safe. Use it little at a time and you should start to see results.

These strategies are everyday things that you see online. The average person would just look at it as internet content, but the marketer will look at it as an opportunity to expand their advertising methods. Many people are blind to the opportunities in front of them, so I will be exposing some of the best ways to market your products and services online.


Mailing List

Ever have an eBook sent to your email address? How did that marketer get ahold of your email address? Most likely they had you opt-in to receive their eBook via email, in the process obtaining your email information. Congratulations, you are now apart of their mailing list.

This is a very important marketing strategy. Building a mailing list could be what you need to end all the hassle of internet marketing. The reason mailing lists are extremely valuable in the world of internet marketing is because you have a list of people who are there only to view and purchase your content. They arent visiting your website by accident, they opt in because they want to know more about what you have to offer.

With a mailing list, you get to sell products multiple times to the same customers. Offering great products and services will bring them back for more, time and time again. Its one of the easiest ways to sell your product, but one of the most difficult marketing strategies because of the effort it takes to create that large mailing list.

The best way to create a large mailing list is by offering a premium product free of charge for a limited time. This will have people rushing to get their hands on your product, in return giving you their email address so you can send them your product. It’s an even trade. There may not be any upfront payments, but the earnings in the future are well worth it.


Signature Block

This method goes along nicely with your mailing list. A signature block is the small text block area you see at the bottom of an email you send or receive. Inside these signature blocks, you can advertise your product to everyone that you send an email to. Using signature blocks has to be one of the easiest methods of advertisement online today.

In order to see success with your signature block, you must leave an attractive message. You can’t just leave a two work signature block and expect people to click on the link(s). You have to give a message that brings in visitors. Remember, visitors are the lifeline of your business. Do not throw a sales pitch. It will only cause them to ignore your signature block, or maybe even cause them to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

The only problem that occurs with many people who decide to use signature blocks to advertise their products and services is the lack of email addresses to send to. Without anyone to send emails to, you can’t possibly generate any form of traffic because there are no people to read your signature block. Build your mailing list (the most important marketing method) and you should be able to utilize your signature block properly.


Example of Signature Block
Example of Signature Block

Video Marketing

All the methods listed here can be done free of charge. Of all methods listed, video marketing is the most secure way to generate traffic and expose your products and services to the world. Multimedia is powerful these days. Take advantage of videos to bring more customers to your campaign.

There are many websites that you may host your videos on, waiting to bring potential customers to your webiste. If a person has no interest in what you have to offer, they wouldn’t be watching the video would they? Look over websites like Youtube and see how many people post videos to advertise their websites and affiliate links. Do they see success from their video campaign? Of course they do.

The great thing about videos is there is no duplicate content penalty. This means you can submit your videos to all video streaming websites on the internet. Amongst popular video websites includes Youtube, Metacafe’, Flixya (blogs, photos, videos, adsense, etc.), and more. The list is too large to complete. Simply search for video streaming websites and youll be earning more money in no time.

A great way to advertise your product using videos would be by giving free resell rights to your videos. This will let people publish and sell, or simply give away; bringing a stampede of traffic to your products and services. It’s a viral marketing method, with a more literal meaning to the term “word of mouth”. You’ll be receiving traffic to your website years to come.

Most video streaming websites allow those who are posting the videos to add descriptions to their video. This can be used for a number of things, including giving information on where the viewers can purchase your product(s) or service(s). You may also use this area to get people to subscribe to your website.

Its time you learn more about internet marketing using video streaming to bring traffic to your website. There is a great product called Video Traffic Explosion. Its now available free of charge, and also comes with master resell rights. This means you can sell or give it away as you see fit.

Creating high quality videos can be difficult. You don’t want to just post any crap online and expect it to deliver results. Use Eyespot Beta, Jump Cut, and/or Bright Cove. These programs are free to use.


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    • profile image

      MiShaun Taylor 

      7 years ago

      I've found that another underated marketing strategy is leaving informative responses on sites like Yahoo Answers. You see, you basically search out people with problems, in your given niche, answer those questions with really great answers and they'll be more inclined to visit your site. This method really works great.


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