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The Mind of a Business Poet

Updated on August 29, 2020
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


Some are starting a small business.
To them all, I say congratulations.

You made a great decision.
You started it like you've envisioned.

But remember how its defined.
They fall but stay down sometimes.

But to those that haven't started yet.
Before it, did you research it?

Do you know what it really is
If not, after this you will.

First off, there are many that started theirs.
No disrespect to you who did.

They started it without having a clue.
Of what it is and what you must do.

A small business depends.
Of where you want it and live.

There are laws in the area.
Laws to follow before you capture.

It refers to a private corporation.
It's workers are very limited.

Its not as big as a medium sized.
So you must keep that in mind.

500 people or fewer.
In the U.S this is far greater.

Cause outside there's only five employees.
So it the U.S you may want to be.

The business data base in the U,S.
Is long and continues to have success.

Over 80% of job creation.
Comes for the small businesses.

They are the backbone of the economy.
When they fall, so does the economy.

In the last few months they were vandalized.
As a result, the economy took a dive.

So these businesses are important.
I just want you to know before launching it.

Understand it's benefits.
Grow while you're within it.

Despite the success you may see.
Failure comes, but you keep rising.

The Benefits

Now that you know what it is.
I will tell you its benefits.

These businesses are essential.
They make the economies grow.

Now when the holidays approach.
Large corporations provoke.

Many people with campaign ads.
I remember your day in the past.

It was on a Saturday.
Before the christmas holiday.

Let me add to that example.
& answer this before I go.

We all know what's a bakery.
Or Small scale manufacturing.

Small business is all around you,
It's the the places you often go to.

As you look around and see.
Notice the greatness like me.

I noticed it over the years.
I have witnessed the growth and the fears.

The fears that almost stopped it.
From flourishing with much promise.

Growth is here and in other countries.
These have helped many families.

In the world it offers benefits.
But in the U.S, more comes with it.

Here, they are enterprises.
People often come here to start it.

These benefits helps out many.
This is why we're called Land Of the Free.

Personal Growth

Small businesses grow fast.
If you have help to bring it to past.

& the helpers are often honored.
To be apart of the company's future.

But many try doing it alone.
Like Tyler Perry within his home.

He does most of the writing.
He has most of the rights to company.

That is a great, huge task.
That's been seen in his films in the past.

His value maybe incredible.
But what's needed, often does show.

You see, personal growth is good.
Mr. Perry proved that you could.

Be alone and do it better.
You could be an entrepreneur.

You have to help yourself.
Just as well as helping someone else.

Stay humble and progress.
Stay consistent and always invest.

Now, he has a team.
So more talent intervenes.

It took him a lot of growth time.
When it arrived, he automatically thrived.

Another examples Paul Allen.
You could retire with eternal profit.

No great started on the top.
They started and just didn't stop.

They grew into it and learned.
Most refused to let burn.

The visions they knew they had.
They first started when they programmed.

When they programmed their minds.
So like them, please be wise.

Failure is Realistic

I often say to be realistic.
Winning is a part of this.

But so is much failure.
It's often near by the winners.

This too is apart of business.
Let me give you stats to prove it.

96% of your peers.
Failed in the first five years.

But many just stayed the course.
They failed and recovered with force.

Now they have global empires.
& they continue to inspire.

People like you all and me.
Jeff Bezos inspired me.

To always think big.
Even when you don't see it.

He thought big and went after it.
He thought of the worlds biggest.

Rain forest, while in his garage.
Years later, he could buy all he wants.

Now, hes a trillionaire.
Truth is, he didn't get there.

Without failing. Its apart life.
So after it rise up and be a light.

Many have failed many times.
But in them, have a mind to always rise.


One of the rules from the wealthy.
Is to explore many opportunities.

So when entrepreneurs fail.
They have something that will prevail.

I said its apart of life.
Somethings will not always go right.

They fail and try it again.
& they find what makes them win.

They market their business well.
By finding ones to help it prevail.

Now you could do it without one.
But a lot more will make it fun.

A great product wont increase business.
So search and find the right target.

Have a clear understanding.
Of the crowd that you want to be targetting.

That will be most important.
Your audience, informs all elements.

All elements of your strategedy.
So be ind them specifically.

Ideatify iideal customers.
Follow this and you will prosper.

A specific target makes it easy.
In that market, you could use your money.

Those markets often build on it.
Doing this, you could gain many clients.

You'd generate business affordability.
Efficiently and effectively.

List the benefits of your service.
In the end, you'd see it's all worth it.

Now you know what to look for.
If not, you could look more.

More that will give information.
You must be willing and very focused.

Create valued propositions.
Before marketing your services.

This explains how you'd fix problems.
In the end, customers will buy them.

Be aware of competitors.
Make sure that potential buyers.

Are well aware of the benefits.
Make sure they know just how to use it.

Have a catchy slogan.
Be sure its one to make you noticed.

One of the best things I see.
Is the the slogan by nike.

Short, but very inspiring.
That slogan often inspires me.

Overtime, they never changed it.
Today, the're company's a giant.

But yours is alot smaller.
You have thinks a lot easier.

Yours is in a niche market.
Nike is a mass market.

The two have similar features.
A mass market is just much larger.

You now know what it is.
You know understand what it gives.

The growth, realism & benefits.
Brings success that will have no limit.

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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