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Understanding Personal Coaching – It’s About Becoming You, Not Somebody Else

Updated on May 3, 2012

Perhaps in the same way that some people are suspicious of different forms of psychological therapy, they can also be wary of personal coaching. They fear that their personalities will undergo some kind of fundamental change and that this in turn will make them incompatible with the current elements in their lives, including the people. Some personal coaches talk, for example, about different “negative” personality traits and how to avoid these, thereby suggesting that they want to impose their own ideas and wills on others, whether their clients desire change in that respect or not.

Personal coaching isn’t about transforming people into something that they are not or have no desire to be. It is about recognizing and drawing out their existing potential and using a customized strategy for achieving the individual’s own personal and business objectives. It provides the tools to be able to tap into hidden resources, enabling them to become the best that they can be and do the best that they can do. It doesn’t prescribe a “one size fits all” solution which may not fit with everyone else’s ideas of happiness or success, but instead works with unique and individual desires, skills and talents, characteristics, value and belief systems and lifestyles to create the most rewarding and fulfilling existence for the person concerned.

Not only do some of those who are considering personal coaching occasionally fear the changes that it might bring about, but sometimes partners also see it as a threat. What if their loved one discovers new facets of him or herself and “outgrows” them? What if they suddenly realize that their relationship or their way of life no longer suits? Will they just be dumped on the sidelines? These kinds of fears are actually relatively common when the subject of personal coaching is broached, because often the desire of one individual to find direction or develop him or herself brings others’ insecurities to the fore, making them feel that they are in some way inadequate to fulfill their partners’ needs.

As well as being partners within a relationship though, we are all individuals in our own right, each of us with our own path to tread. When the day of judgment arrives, it is we alone who will be left to battle with one of life’s saddest questions, “What if…?” Personal coaching isn’t about becoming someone else and throwing away all that is good and positive in our lives, but about acquiring the tools to realize our full potential and becoming the truly magnificent individuals that we already are. Rather than working against our natural traits and abilities, it shows us how to use these to take control of our own destinies and carve out a future in which we can positively thrive at all levels of our personal and professional lives. Far from being a threat, it offers one of the greatest opportunities to flourish and prosper as we truly are.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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