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How Recruiters use, their Talent Network to find top Job seekers

Updated on June 20, 2014

Talent Network

Becoming an Executive Recruiter

How recruiters can maximise on their talent network

Building an up-to-date and relevant Talent Network

Building an up-to-date and relevant Talent Network is a task with which recruiters are charged. It is important that a recruiter or team of recruiters develop a resource bank of the highest quality job seekers spanning all areas of their company's job offerings. Recruiters must operate with the thorough understanding that recruiting quality people to join the workforce of their organizations requires great analytical skills and forward thinking. It is vital that they make a quality hire and this means it is imperative that their source of job seekers is able to meet that demand.

The advent of Talent Network sites provide recruiters with a ready-to-use list of candidates to choose from but there is still much to be done with this list if they are to achieve the best. First, not all resumes on these sites are up-to-date. Recruiters should be aware of this and develop a system of their own to filter out redundant resumes. Start with a big list and then narrow it down to one reflecting only serious and interested candidates. Not all job seekers will be interested in working for your company.

Recruiters can further add to their own Talent Network by attracting graduates and interns from universities and other educational institutions through their career emphasis week etc. Attending career emphasis drives in schools allows companies to interface with potential employees and to become known among the student populace. By becoming visible to students, the companies increase the likelihood that these students will take them seriously as they search for jobs.

How to attract only the best and the more serious job seekers

One of the first tasks of job recruiters is selling the company properly so as to attract the brightest graduates, interns and professionals to their Talent Network. In order to attract only the best and the more serious job seekers in their Talent Network, recruiters should implement several guidelines that job seekers who place their resumes on the Talent Network have to adhere to. These stipulations are a means of ensuring that their resource list remains up-to-date at all times and that would also indicate to graduates, interns and professionals the professionalism which drives the company's taskforce. Further, employ strategies which will enhance your network. These stipulations and strategies are:

1. Resumes must be updated or confirmed periodically within a stipulated time. Failure to comply would see the automatic removal of delinquent resumes.

2. Create an immediate data base of top candidates for various positions even if there are no immediate openings at the time. Being visionary and thinking ahead can only work in your favor.

3. Develop a relationship with the people in your Talent Network and especially those you would consider for immediate hire. Recruiters can develop a community of potential employees from its Talent Network. Employing communication strategies such as sharing inspiring articles and stories, scholarships and other educational opportunities will help to promote your company even more. This will contribute to the brand development of your organization.

4. Optimize the relevance of your Network by sending out personalized job posts. This will indicate to potential candidates not only your interest in them but also your level of seriousness about having them on board.

5. Utilize the opt-in feature on your application page. Use your social media network pages such as facebook, message boards, email and text messaging to advertise available job postings. It has been proven that companies that employ these mediums see an increase in the number of applicants showing interest in joining their workforce. The more visible and professional your company is, the more likely you will be a top choice among job seekers, graduates and interns.

6. Connect your opt-in page to your database and send job postings to the relevant candidates. This will ensure that you do not bombard individuals with irrelevant messages of job openings. This feature also allows for continuous recruiting to take place as it is never turned off.

7. Develop an internal Talent Network. Building quality relationships and offering support to promotion on the inside is just as important as recruiting from the outside. What the employees on the inside have to say about the company is an important part of brand building which speaks to the credibility and consistency of all your actions.

8. Develop a presence at universities as a mentor. Companies who show genuine interest in their present and potential workforce rank high as potential companies on the list of many graduates. They will be more likely to seek out these companies for internship positions and for future employment if they have some form of relationship with them or see these companies as trend setters. Ranking high on the list of potential candidates allows companies to gain that competitive edge over other companies and allows them to position themselves as a top rated enterprise overall. This is also a good method of marketing companies and allows for brand building.

9. Recruiters should use the opportunity created by having a Talent Network to keep former applications on file as was promised. Centralizing all your candidate contacts into one centralized Talent Network will allow for easy access and an organized utilization of these contacts. This will further broaden the network.

Recruiters should bear in mind that recruiting is not just about the number of candidates but even more so how you manage these candidates in your Talent Network to gain optimal benefits for all the parties involved.


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