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Unemployment Is Like Having A Flight Delay At An Airport-What can you do about it?

Updated on November 5, 2017

A Photo of an Employment Application

When looking for a job, you will more than likely fill out many job applications even though many applications these days are filled out online. Good luck and don't give up searching for that next opportunity!
When looking for a job, you will more than likely fill out many job applications even though many applications these days are filled out online. Good luck and don't give up searching for that next opportunity! | Source

Unemployment Is a Sort of Delay

These days with many people being laid off from their jobs and with unemployment being still not low enough, there are many people out there that are wondering how they will survive these hard times and help their families. Many people are wondering if they will ever be able to find another job again after being let go from their previous high paid position. And there are also those that are wondering how they will be able to feed their families and provide for them. All of these concerns are understandable. However, what you may not realize about unemployment is that when you are looking for another job that is just like trying to do what you can to get to your next place in life. And during that process when you are sending out resumes to employers, reaching out to former colleagues to try and see if there are any job leads or even going to job fairs and having no luck, that means that your job search is delayed. It means that there is a delay that does not allow you to get that next job for the time being.

Where Was The Motivation For This Article?

The motivation to write this article came from an article written in Harvard Business Publishing by Daisy Wademan Dowling written on February 25, 2009. That article was written almost eight years ago but the information in that article is still very useful to anyone who is unemployed and they feel like the sky is going to fall on them. Many of us have been in that temporary condition called unemployment and I know it is a drag because I have been there as well. There is one line in that article that is a real eye opener and tells you that unemployment is just a temporary situation. She writes: “The point is, you’re just in the intermission between Acts 1 and 2. Persist, and greatness is ahead,” (Dowling 2009). Yes, greatness is ahead of us if we see that the best time of our lives is coming. The key word here is persist. That’s what we must all do.

An Airport Terminal and the Sunset

How Is Unemployment Similar To a Flight Delay?

Unemployment in life is only a temporary situation. If you are part of the long term unemployed, you may feel that you might never find a job or that the job search is taking forever to end. Unemployment is like having to wait for a flight that has been delayed. For example, if your goal is to get on a flight going from Miami to Dallas Texas, there will be times where the flight will be delayed for reasons that are not in your control. There may be a part of the airplane that has been malfunctioning and that needs to be fixed. Or there may be an announcement that the flight to Dallas is delayed because of thunderstorms. Or there may be a delay in your flight for some other reason. These delays are a part of life and they do happen just like people lose their jobs and become unemployed for reasons beyond their control.

Unemployment is like a delay because when you are looking for work, you will not get a reply to all of the resumes that you send out or your contacts may not always be able to help you. You have got to be patient and keep looking until you somehow are able to get that next job. With the current economic situation, expect to be looking for work for a while and having a long delay. When your flight is delayed, you have also got to be patient because this is out of your control. Getting angry, frustrated or upset because your flight is delayed will cause stress, anxiety and burnout. These negative feelings will lead to an increase in your blood pressure. And when you feel that your flight being delayed is a bad thing then you will not feel good.

If you keep in mind that unemployment is like when there is a flight that is delayed, you will handle this situation much better. Remember that even though your unemployment seems to be going on and on with no end in sight, you are not the only one in this position and it is temporary. A period of unemployment just like a flight delay at an airport does not last forever and it will come to an end at some point in time. Sometimes a flight delay or recovering fro a job loss and getting back into the workforce take a long time. But in the end, you will be back in the workforce working again or you will eventually arrive at your destination city after the flight delay is over.


Dowling, Daisy Wademan. 2009. Strategic Growth Concepts. February 25. Accessed January 25, 2017.

Part 2: You Always have a Job at ALL Times

God delays but he cannot deny.”

Tommy Lasorda said this after his Los Angeles Dodgers lost to the New York Yankees in the 1978 World Series. Tommy’s team eventually won the World Series in 1981 against these same New York Yankees.

If you have been laid off from your last job and you have been doing everything that you can to find a job only to find nothing, it is easy in those kinds of situations to feel that nothing is going right for you. You begin to have a lower self-esteem. You feel that somehow you are worthless. You begin to feel sad. In the more severe cases of dealing with job loss, some people become seriously depressed. But what I am about to tell you is going to make you feel so much better. You will feel so much better that this will motivate you to live the best life that you can.

The truth is that you have a job even when you are without one. It may sound like the first part is contradictory but our job when we are "unemployed" is to look for a job and that is like a job as well. All of us have one very basic job when we are put on this Earth. Our main job goes well beyond having money, a nice home, a lovely wife or husband, children and material things. And that one basic job is to live our lives to the fullest. All of us have been blessed by being given the special gift of life. Life is so precious, so fragile and so rewarding that it is our responsibility to make sure that we live it well. Time goes by so fast that it is really important that we enjoy whatever time that we have on this Earth.

Also, if you really think about it, when you are without work, your other job is to look for a job. That does not mean that you should spend eight hours per day behind the computer searching for jobs by emailing resumes to employers. Your eyes and brain will be worn out and most people don’t find jobs simply by online searches. When you were working and had a job, you had to be the best employee and be as productive as you could for the organization that you worked for. Now your job is to look for work. Use a variety of methods to find your next job. But also you should remember that because of the tough economic situation right now, it is more likely that it will take you a long time to find your next job. No one knows for sure how long it will take you to find that next job. But the thing to remember is that you still have a job even though most people would say that a person without a job is unemployed. Don’t listen to those people and focus on the fact that you still have a job.

I like to look at the period of “unemployment” being similar to being stranded at the airport because your flight is delayed. That was the first part of this article. In that example, your flight delay is temporary and you know that eventually your plane will take off and that you will reach your destination. The same is true of the job search. When you don’t get a job as you send resume after resume, just remember that there is a reason for this delay. It is because the Universe knows exactly when things will fall in place for you. You have got to have faith that getting your next job is a matter of time. Just like Tommy Lasorda had faith and believed that his Los Angeles Dodgers would eventually win the World Series, you have got to have faith that you will eventually get your next job. The next job you get may even be the kind of work that you always wanted to do and that will be your World Series.

Also, if you always focus on the fact that you don’t have a job, you will always attract more of what you lack into your life. If you focus on the fact that you still have a job, then you will feel better about yourself and that will motivate you to be better in other areas of your life. Don’t worry because if you be patient, that next job will come to you. I know that it is hard to not worry when you have done everything that you possibly can only to come up empty on the job search. But do not give up because you always have a job even when you don’t have one. The Universe may not make your wish about a job manifest at the exact time that you want it to, but the Universe cannot deny you a job. Just like Tommy Lasorda’s Dodger team beat the 1981 New York Yankees, you too can declare victory by getting that next job. Until then, remember that you always have a job no matter what.


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