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Americans Are Begging For Jobs-Help The Unemployed And Renew UI Benefits

Updated on May 22, 2015

Protesting Our Government

Protesters because they need a job
Protesters because they need a job

Unemployment Lines and Jobless

Jobless and almost homeless
Jobless and almost homeless

The Economy Stinks

Unemployment and finding a job is almost a null and void subject. If you can't find a job and can't feed your family, what are you supposed to do? Our economy is going down to tubes. It has been for quite some time now. Our economy today just plain stinks. I wonder why? So in United States are struggling to keep afloat. Behind on your mortgage? Late on your mortgage payments? Can't keep food on the table? But is it all due to unemployment? I don't think so. I know plenty of people who are working, and have stable jobs that are struggling. It's so sad to me that when you go to the grocery store, you see people picking up meat, seeing the price, and then setting it back down. Then you watch as they go over to the "last day" meat that's on sale. I must confess, I am one of them. I am so frustrated anymore listening to people say how they hate their job and wish they would get fired or laid off. Yes, there are people that say it. I hear it all the time. If they are close friends that say it, I bite back and tell them there are plenty of people who would love to hate their job right now. It's the truth. There is someone with a family that can't feed their kids, who would give anything to work your 8 hours a day in the hot sun, clean a toilet, or wipe a baby's butt all day. That last job may make you chuckle, but it's the truth. If you have a job and you hate it, get it over it until (or if) this economy gets back on it's feet.

Angry About Outsourcing Jobs

Why Do We Outsource and we can't take care of own people in the United States. It definitely doesn't make sense to us. So, we are saving the government money, but yet still using it up at the same time because people are going on welfare to make ends meet. Huh?

Calling Customer Service And Getting Someone From Another Country

I guess what really irritates me the most is when I call my local cable company, and I get "Haylo, My name is Pedro, May I Help You?" I always ask for someone from America immediately. Why? Because I can't understand them half the time for one. I am NOT a racist and I love everyone. I'm not concerned about who Pedro is as a person. I am more concerned at the fact that the United States has so many people unemployed and we are a struggling economy. So, if we know that there needs to be jobs created in the United States, why is it over 80% of the time I make a phone call to a United States based company, that someone from the Phillipines answers? Why? Because we pay those people nothing for their wages. They work just as hard as the people have to in the U.S. I think it's a disgrace also that we take advantage of that. Not only is that a disgrace, but to have people begging for jobs here, and losing everything they have, when there are jobs to be had, we just out- source them.

#RenewUI (Renew Unemployment Insurance)

Everywhere on the internet lately, I see #RenewUI which is the twitter lingo category for Renew Unemployment Insurance. In December 2013, the federal level of benefits ran out for over 1.3 million of Americans abruptly. Those benefits originally started when those unemployed failed to find work after 26 weeks of the state level of benefits. After state benefits of 26 weeks are exhausted, normally the federal extension benefits kick in for an extended period of time, usually 3 months

It has been a policy in force for the last 11 times. President George Bush enacted this policy in 2008. Another 850,000 workers who will exhaust their state benefits and would have turned to the federal program in the next three months were also left without support. In total, more than 4 million people have been out of a job for more than 27 weeks, making up nearly 40 percent of all the unemployed.

Senator Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and most of the democratic party have been trying to pass the extension, but Senator John Boehner is refusing. The original vote passed with a huge support a few months ago and passed the Senate floor only to sit for the House to vote. The refuse unless all their terms are met.

There are so many people losing their homes, cars, you name it. I'm sure there were a few lazy ones hanging on for dear life to the unemployment benefits, yes, but I am also damn sure there weren't. I have 4 family members that have lost their jobs and cannot find work. They are well educated but unfortunately, they are also over 50 years old. No one wants to hire someone that age. Call it discrimination, call it what you will, but they still don't want to do it.

This Is Not Right- We Have People Begging and We Live In America

This is sad. Man holding sign in street to feed his kids
This is sad. Man holding sign in street to feed his kids

So Why Are We Sending Jobs Overseas

So I did some research to find out why we send jobs that we Americans need. After all, Americans can't afford to put food on their table, are late on mortgage payments, can't afford gas, and the story goes on and on.

We Are Sending Jobs Overseas Because It's Cheap

Basically, after reading and reading and reading, it just plain boils down to the point, that it's so cheap to buy products from other countries and dirt cheap to pay someone from India to answer the phones. Why does someone from India answer the phone when you call your local cable company down the street? Because the economy is in such bad shape, they cant afford to pay anyone decent wages, or minimum wage even, so they pay someone else in India to do that same job. What a disgrace to this Country it is. I'm ashamed, and yes, I love the U.S.A, but still ashamed. I'm sorry I feel that way.

There is just no help out there for middle class. You either are dirt poor, and can get help, but God forbid you have just enough to get bye for a few days after a paycheck, and you can't get any help. Not saying anyone wants a handout for those of you who are assuming that's what I'm saying.

Are You Angry With The Government and The Way They Are Handling Things

Are you angry with the government? I think they can do more than what they are doing

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    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Central USA

      yes, I do agree with you on that. If they can't find people, then certainly that is the only choice. By the way, You have some really great hubs I just looked at.

      Also, if there are jobs to be had, and people just won't take them because it's beneath them, then that's our own fault.

    • tomismobile profile image

      tomismobile 5 years ago from Oklahoma City

      Here in Oklahoma, we have a call center. They are begging people to work for them. They start at $8.50 per hour to answer the phone for major US companies. After a year, you will earn about $10 per hour. After 3, about $15 per hour. They can't find people to do this job. What choice do they have but to outsource?

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