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Unemployment Rates Are Increasing But There Is No Need To Despair

Updated on February 24, 2014

Everyone knows that unemployment rates in almost all the countries of the world have dramatically been increasing in the recent years. If the rates of unemployment increase, it can be a grave threat to these economies. On the one side, governments should play their roles for tackling this challenge. On the other side, those who are not employed should also be sane enough to take action by identifying the areas in which they lack and improving themselves. If they fail to take such action, that is worthy of being described as a horrible mistake. The result is that unemployment rates will continue to increase.

What Action Should The Unemployed Take?

It is often said that the young generation holds the key for the prospects of a nation. This is because oganizations cannot continue to depend upon veteran executives to make important decisions. These veterans may leave the organizations very soon due to their age or ailments and this must not create a vacuum.

Younger generation has access to lots of information and if they learn to use their skills not only in their work but in mobilizing their networks, they will reap rich dividends. But if they want to succeed in these efforts, they should have a very strong commitment. This means these aspiring job-seekers should do much more than acquiring academic qualifications.

It may sound redundant if these young people are suggested that they should be strong with the basics. But unfortunately, this suggestion has to be necessarily made because after reaching the levels of higher studies, these young ones tend to forget what they have learned in the lower levels. In fact, if they are strong in the basics, their learning at higher levels gets reinforced.

Next comes the application of concepts in real-life situations and also in the workplace. Though academic studies familiarize these people with the concepts, their pattern of thinking should be different from that of others. Goal setting is the only tool that can help them in this process and also in magnifying their strength.

Importance of Goal Setting

A study reveals that the number of young people who are not employable has been increasing. These young people may be academically qualified but organizations may not find them useful. Text-book learning is important but learning is much more than text-book learning. The concept of learning has undergone dramatic changes. Students are expected to have higher-order thinking and capabilities to test the concepts they have learned on applications.

It is true that the young generation has the benefits like access to lots of information, networking capabilites, etc. These will certainly give them a wide-angle perspective but, most of these young people may be impatient. Goal-setting and commitment alone will help them channelize their strengths.

They should always aim to expand their horizon. If they constantly aim to improve themselves, they will have a powerful mindset. Organizations need people with such a powerful mindset because there may be many occasions during which situations may demand powerful decisions and powerful action. Only candidates with a powerful mindset will be able to change the situations.

In a nutshell, goal-setting and constant efforts to improve themselves will bring exceptional benefits to these young people. They will soon land in the most coveted jobs also.


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