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Unemployment, Weight Loss, Writers Block, OH MY!!

Updated on August 27, 2012


In this economy, one of the things that many have come to dread, and almost expect, finally happened to me. I was suddenly thrown into the world of unemployment. I was more fortunate than most that I didn't lose my job entirely but my hours were reduced just enough that paying bills was a challenge. I learned many things during the month that I was no longer a full time employee.

1. Eligible citizens can file for part time unemployment benefits.

2. Part time unemployment benefits doesn't pay enough to survive off of

3. Reduced hours = depression = idleness = getting nothing accomplished = more depression

The government expects you to actively seek and accept a full time position as soon as possible. However I discovered very quickly that with the salaries offered at a new full time position I was still making more at my current job with part time hours. I was fortunate enough to have a very good friend that was able to find me suitable full time employment. I have been working there for the past week part time until my two weeks notice runs out at the end of this week and then it's back to full time at one job again.

Many (my family included) are not so lucky when finding a new job. It is important for people to know that there are many great tools out there to help you in your search. After filing unemployment I was notified of many great websites with tools to aid those seeking employment.

Writers Block

At first when I learned that my hours were going to be reduced I was completely freaking out. A normal reaction. Then, I thought about it and realized that it would be the perfect opportunity to get some things in order. I would have more time to exercise in the morning (my new hours were 12 - 5 instead of 9 - 5). More importantly I would have more time to WRITE!! After all, it is my dream to give up the dreary office life and become a full time writer. For the first week I did very well with exercising every morning. I would wake up, have breakfast, do a workout, and shower with enough time to get to work. There still wasn't a lot of time for writing though. With a mission in mind I sat down one night with the intention of writing a spectacular hub and then when it came time to put words to paper I had absolutely nothing. No ideas, no sudden inspiration. I stared at my computer and couldn't think of one coherent topic to write about. With all this free time on my hands it was the absolute worst time to succumb to writers block!

So here I am, one month later, working 45 hours a week and I finally figured the best way to get around my writers block was to write about it! For the past week I have been trying to read and respond to hubs, answer questions and become involved in the community again. I read a brilliant hub explaining how beneficial it is to have several hubs outlines and researched on the weekend which can then be more easily written and uploaded during the week. I have several hubs in the works and I have high hopes that now that my life is a little more back on track my mind will cooperate and I can complete them quickly.

The Numbers Are In!

180 lbs
176.8 lbs
-3.2 lbs
Right Arm
13 in
12.5 In
-0.5 In
Left Arm
13 In
12.5 In
-0.5 In
Right Thigh
25 In
25.5 In
+0.5 In
Left Thigh
25 In
25.5 In
+0.5 In
45 in
45.5 In
+0.5 In
42 In
40.5 In
-1.5 In
Right Calf
15 In
15 In
Left Calf
15 In
15 In
44 In
44 In

Weight Loss

Keeping a weekly log was becoming difficult with scheduling on top of all the ups and downs getting slightly discouraging. Looking at the final numbers for the month of July I am at peace with the small progress and even the slight gains. I am committed to keeping a monthly log instead of a weekly journal so I can convey an overall analysis of what did and didn't work during a larger time frame.

Positive Factors - Schedules are boring. When you are bored you are not as likely to stick with a program. The good news: you don't have to follow a strict schedule. When you wake up in the morning and you feel like lifting weights, go right ahead and lift. Get home from work and are in the mood for a job, go for it! Working out when you have the energy and honestly want to do it will ensure your chosen program will be more effective. I went hiking one day and felt so energized when I got home I immediately did a 40 minute cardio tape. If it feels like work you are not as likely to stick with it.

Negative Factors - Diet is just as if not more important than exercise when trying to lose weight. Having my hours reduced also shrunk my allotted shopping budget. A $1 box of pasta goes a long way when you are low on funds but isn't great when trying to keep a high protein/low carb diet going.

Staying Positive

The most important thing I have learned from this whole experience is that it is essential to stay positive. Don't succumb to the depression even though it is normal to experience it. Don't be ashamed to ask family and friends for help. Seek and utilize all the tools that are available on the internet as well as employment one stop centers. (It also doesn't hurt knowing someone that can get your foot through a door). Keep your head up and remember the situation is temporary and things WILL get better.


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    • ocfireflies profile image


      5 years ago from North Carolina

      Great hub!

      Best Always,


    • Michelle Taylor profile imageAUTHOR

      Michelle Taylor 

      6 years ago from New Jersey

      Thank you Nick! Writing about my writers block was definitely the catalyst I needed to end it. I have a billion ideas rolling around in my head and can't wait until I have a free second to start getting it all down :-)

    • nanderson500 profile image


      6 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Writing about writer's block was a great idea! I think a lot of people can definitely relate to this hub.


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