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Unethical Behaviors of Warid

Updated on October 20, 2009

Unethical Behaviors of Warid Tel Pakistan

It was Launched in Pakistan in 2004

  • In their promotional messages to their customers; they don’t mention that this is either new package offered or VAS (Value added service) which can be used with existing package Plan.
  • Now a days, to earn more, they have started a strategy that whenever a customer calls helpline, they ask him/her to call them back after 15 minutes and say that System is either busy or getting updates, when a person calls them back if he/she doesn’t inform that he/she called 2nd time they again ask to call them back after 15 minutes and after knowing that customer is on call 2nd time, they solve the problem. They charge per call 1.25PKRs and how much they are earning through this way per day. You must have an idea.
  • They don’t give complete information in their ads which leads customer to confusions regarding that particular thing and increase their Help line call (indirectly revenue)
  • They don’t control their franchises nation wide means no control on them, I personally experienced it, I submitted my NIC and other doc’s to transfer my number to my ownership and I was satisfied with them that they will do this; after about 8 months I lost my Handset and went to Warid office to get my replaced SIM, then they said that my number is not mine, its of someone else.. I told all the story with franchise I had but even help line and Service center’s didn’t believe me and I lost my that permanent number.
  • Their Connections are cheaper in Market but costly in their service centers and franchises
  • They offer to buy new number of own choice in the normal cost of Connection but when you choose a number and it’s also available they ask for high amount on that number even if it’s Golden or not
  • In Start, when it was launched they offered to get same of your Other Network number in Warid, but when a person goes they demand to sell that number only in Postpaid not in prepaid

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    • nilum profile image

      nilum 5 years ago

      Thanks you Dear

    • profile image

      Nawaz Khan 5 years ago

      I have experienced same kind of cheap mentality from warid. I was using a warid number since it was launched. Number was registered on my name and I was able to access all information through website.

      In 2010 I traveled abroad and did not user phone for more than 3 months. To my surprise when I returned from my trip my phone number was issued to somebody else. I banged my head with customer service but they all are bastards.


      But I never god my phone number back. I will never ever use warid again in my whole life.