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Uni Baggage Review: Should You Use Them

Updated on December 15, 2017
What You Will Learn About Uni Baggage
What is Uni Baggage
My Experience/Review
Pros & Cons
Who should use them

What Is Uni Baggage

Uni baggage is a delivery service/courier. The company acts as a third-party broker between delivery companies and consumers. For example, if I want to ship something overseas, I would book it via Uni baggage instead of with a delivery company, such as UPS, DHL or FedEx.

A lot of people think of the company as being a luggage delivery company and it seems that their targeted market is college students. However, anyone is welcomed to use their service.

My Experience With Uni Baggage

I've used Uni Baggage twice. I needed luggage sent from the UK to America and then vice-versa about a year or two later. Both times I've used Uni Baggage, I had no problems and the process was straightforward.

The booking process was easy. I opened an account with Uni Baggage, booked the date I wanted my luggage picked up and then paid for it. After that, I filled out the customs form, printed it and waited for my shipping label to be ready to print. It took a day or two, which is normal and then I printed it out, stuck it to my luggage and waited for the delivery people to come and get it.

My baggage arrived in two days, just like Uni Baggage said it would. I was surprised at how fast my belongings took to ship.

My experiences with Uni Baggage have been nothing but straightforward and easy.

Pros & Cons Of Using Uni Baggage

The Pros

Uni Baggage doesn't cost a lot to use. I personally found it to be cheaper to book with Uni Baggage than couriers directly.

It took two days to receive my luggage. Shipping is fast. I recommend having your luggage picked up the day before you are due to travel. That way you'll get it shortly after arriving to your destination.

The process is simple. You can request a quick quote, create an account and then book everything within a matter of 20-30 minutes.

The top three pros, as mentioned above, are:

  • low cost
  • fast shipping
  • simply process

The Cons

Honestly, I can't think of any cons. That is my personal opinion.

Who Should Use Uni Baggage

Who Should Use Uni Baggage
Anybody who doesn't want to carry around luggage or other types of items should give Uni Baggage a try. I always found it a hassle to travel to airports in busy cities with luggage. One instance, the checked baggage fees were just as much as Uni Baggage's fees, so I chose to have it shipped for cinveinence.

Students and business people should consider using the service too. Those who travel between European countries or states or intercontinentally should think about using Uni Baggage too.

I strongly suggest Uni Baggage to anybody who simply doesn't want to check in their baggage or large items, or transport them via whatever your chosen mode of transportation is.

Tips For Using Uni Baggage

There's three tips I recommend keeping in mind when using Uni Baggage, and two of them might apply to you, not three. The first tip is to not forget to print custom forms if shipping something to and/or from the United States. The second tip is to print personal effect forms, if shipping something to the United Kingdom. The third tip is to book your pickup date a few days ahead of time. If you plan on arriving at your destination on a Wednesday, then book your pickup on Monday or Sunday.

In short, the three tips are

  • print custom forms
  • print personal effect forms (for UK deliveries)
  • book days in advance

Final Thoughts

I've used Uni Baggage twice and there's a good chance I'll being doing it a third time. Sure, it's nice to have your luggage with you, but some people don't like to lug it around with them to and from airports. If this sounds like you, then consider using Uni Baggage. I personally give them a 10 out of 10 because of the service they provided and how easy everything was.

By the way, I'm not getting paid to promote Uni Baggage or anything like that. I just believe they are a good company and they provide good service.


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