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Unique Business Ideas to Increase Your Audience

Updated on November 24, 2014

Unique Business Ideas to Increase Your Audience

Have you ever seen someone with so much information to give and there not be anyone in the audience of their event? Or, maybe you have expected there to be a lot, or a specific number of people to come to an event that you set up, but the amount of ears to listen, or the eyes to see, or the bodies to fill seats were less than what you felt you needed. What you had to say, or what you wanted to show, or what you needed to give, was so important and it was imperative to achieve the outcome of the vision you had at the time……but no one, or not enough was there to hear, see and physically engage with you.

There are two Unique Business Ideas to increase Your Audience that is good to focus on concerning businesses that thrive on Audience engagement. Really, all businesses thrive on audience engagement, but some businesses don’t realize this and therefore don’t realize it is the reason their business is not successful.

Unique Business Ideas to Increase Your Audience

One of the first ways to increase your audience is ‘Syndication’. That’s right…syndication. What is that syndication? A great way to explain this is per the example o f Internet marketing. You can relate this to any business when you get the understanding of it. After you have good content, whether it is through Video form, or Written, you would then put your content in front of people by placing it on social media websites, News websites, Forums and ect. Put it everywhere online that you can think of. Of course do not put your content in places that are not related in any way to value you are putting out there. This is called spamming. Not everyone likes spam, because the simple break down can be understood if said like this, “I want to see information about knitting, but I keep seeing information about fishing on my stuff!” Be a professional and give out value in your syndications online.

This will be new engagement, because people sweep through on the internet many, many, many times a day. It is actually called ‘the information highway’ for a reason. Be confident in learning how to do this by investing in your education. You can learn more through the resources I’ll give in this article.

Unique Business Ideas to Increase Your Audience

The Second way that you can focus on to increase your audience for your business is ‘Building a List’. That’s correct….building a list. Every business that has become successful, whether it is Online, or Offline, has become successful by initially, or finally through the building of some type of email list to increase their audience. A good example by an offline business is the restaurant ‘Chipotle Mexican Grill: Gourmet Burritos and Tacos. If you’ve never heard of it, they are a very successful new fast food business on the block and when I went in to order some food, I read on their information board where you can sign up with your email address. I then went online and read, “…and you’ll be able to sign up to get information on new restaurants and events in your area.”

Good businesses understand the power of building a list. This is called continual engagement. It’s good for small business, home business, online business, affiliate marketing, etc. why?, because it all about people and increasing your audience. These are just two of the Unique Business Ideas to Increase Your Audience. Apply them on a massive scale. They are very effective and proven for high residual incomes on the team in my particular business. You can get training and learn more through the resources I’ll provide in this article and even lock arms with us to increase your audience and your finances.

If you enjoyed this blog, Comment with your #1 takeaway and share this with your business partners, co-workers, friends and family, because success is not just getting what you want, but helping people to live better lives.

Ian and Kim McGill
Show how to have more time, make more money and
do what you want in life.

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