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Unique Plastic Namecards

Updated on August 29, 2011

Your Business Card is Your Shop Front

Any competitive advantage will be most welcome by any entrepreneur.

As one wise man once said "Business is Serious Business" (pun intended).

Your name card is definitely an important part of the first impression that you make on a prospective partner or customer. So how can you make a unique impression with your name card?

Have You Heard of MorningPrint?

In my search for that unique namecard, I've spent countless nights and quite a few mornings obsessing over which company to go with. The fact is that there are literally more printing companies than there are stars in the lonely night sky (or so it seems to me).

Luckily for me, I have found my "North Star" of business card printing companies. What I affectionately think of as my Morning Glory of the Print Business, the printer of my unique striking namecards,


As in all online retail experiences, let's start with (drum roll please .... ) exciting name card unboxing process.

Here's where you discover whether your design will look great on the card material you've choosen and the color design.

Look at the unboxing photo for the well packed, and bubble wrap protected (that's going the extra mile to protect my precious namecards) and the neat arrangement of the boxes.

Choose What's Right for You

Here's what I like about MorningPrint :

  • A really fast turnaround time - In my case, I placed my order on a Monday, 6pm (Singapore time) and received my fantastic look biz cards on Thu, 9.30am (Singapore time). That's an amazing turnaround time.
  • Great Choice of Card Design, Material and Finishing Options - One of the key reasons I choose MorningPrint was the thin and sleek plastic name cards 2 sides color prints that comes with free round corners which is exactly what I desire.
  • Name Card Editor/Designer - The online tools provided by Morning Print is great because it allows me to tinker with the design online while saving my changes. I particular like nice features like duplicate card where I can reuse the exact same design with small changes.
  • Great Value Price - Of course there are cheaper options, but for the features and professional that I needed, the pricing was out of this world. Remember the line from "The Terminator", "I'll be Back"? My only regret is that I could not go back in time to order more sets to take advantage of even more $$$ money savings. As long as you are sure yoour company details will not be changing soon, then my advice is buy more and spread your company branding far and wide :>

Welcome to my Business Site

If you are wondering what business I'm in. You can visit my company website at BOS is one of Singapore's fastest growing online retail store and we welcome sellers to partner with us to create even more value for our Singapore based customers.

Singapore's Fastest Growing Online Store
Singapore's Fastest Growing Online Store | Source

Share Your Own Experiences with MorningPrint and/or Your Name Card Experiences

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