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Unique Strangers In Our Midst

Updated on November 24, 2015
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In addition to writing for Hubpages, Marc can also be found co-hosting Blogtalk Radio with Tie Jones and Writing for a local newspaper.

Unique Talent right among you

A co-worker of mine was amazed at the talent we have at our job in the performing arts, and for years, he organized with my assistance a talent showcase and we featured performing and visual and crafts artists for year.

Some of these folks actually are published...Why just now, we have a Vice Presidential candidate for one of the lesser parties working at our establishment, and in the past, we have had Blues artist, Polynesian dancers, Sci-fi writers, Book Editors, and others working for the company. We have also had fairly well known potters and mosaic artists, as well as poets of some repute and a few actors as well as some local rappers. We have even had musicians that represent jazz, classical, rock, and blues just to name a few genres.

Shucks, we have even had a person accused of being a spy working for the company and a couple of disbarred lawyers.

Think about some of the conversations you have had, and some of the interesting people that work with you. Tell us about some of the folks you have encountered at work.


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